Why Rebel Wilson Has Decided To Take A Break From Social Media

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2020 (and part of 2021) has worked very well for Rebel Wilson. The Australian actress has been busy with work and losing weight over the past few months. A lot of fans have followed her progress on social media, but now Wilson has revealed that she'll be taking a break from social media.

Over the past year, Rebel Wilson documented her life on social media. The actress has been doing a fantastic job balancing her social media activity with film and television work. That was, until she made her shocking announcement. Wilson announced her social media sabbatical by telling her Instagram followers:

I’m gonna sign off for a bit because I’m filming a movie here in the U.K. that needs my full attention. And it’s a very different type of role for me, so I’ve really got to immerse myself in it. So, guys, I’m going to take a little bit of a break. I’ll be back. I love you guys and hope everybody out there is doing well and staying healthy. It’s time for me to work my ass off once again. Which hopefully I’ll do, and hopefully I’ll crush. And I’m sure I’ll be back posting hot selfies in no time.

In true Rebel Wilson fashion, the actress ended the video with a joke by calling herself a “wanker” for posting sexy selfies. Even with the self-deprecating joke, Wilson is right to prioritize her work over having to post on social media every day. Such frequent sharing on these online platforms be a job, so if she needs time to concentrate on her latest role, that’s what she needs to do. As she mentioned in the video, the role is challenging for her. Wilson's growth as an actress and securing longevity is more important than constantly posting on social media. Check out her full Instagram post below:

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Concentrating on her latest film is the right move for Rebel Wilson’s career. She needs to put all her effort into getting the best out of her role. Given how she was talking about said role, fans and the public might see the actress in a new light once the film is released. Also, disappearing from social media will give her a moment to breathe from the controversy surrounding her competition series Pooch Perfect. She’ll be able to clear her head and concentrate on her craft during her break.

Taking a social media break is a great idea for anyone such as Rebel Wilson needing some time to focus on other projects. Her break will surely make her followers even more excited when she returns. Hopefully her current film project will be worth the hiatus, and we'll keep you updated on more news concerning Wilson's professional work.

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