Ryan Reynolds Gives A+ Response After Kansas City Chiefs Fan Proposes During NFL Draft

Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) gives a thumbs up in Deadpool

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When it comes to humorous celebrities, very few can rival Ryan Reynolds. The actor and producer has a self-aware sense of humor that ranges from quirky to totally NSFW. And as a member of the Marvel family, he also doesn’t mind taking jabs related to his Deadpool franchise… or any other hero for that matter. Just recently, Reynolds, a sports fan, had the perfect response after a Kansas City Chiefs fan proposed to his girlfriend, Deadpool style.

Those who watch the NFL Draft know that in later rounds, special guests are brought in to announce draft picks for the various teams. During the sixth round, the Kansas City Chiefs recruited a couple to announce the selection of Trey Smith. However, after announcing the pick, the man turned to his girlfriend and proposed to her in the most Deadpool way possible. Check it out for yourself below:

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It was a sweet moment to say the least, and one that the couple and viewers indeed remember for years. Having been tagged in the post, Ryan Reynolds also got to see the proposal and, in typical Ryan Reynolds fashion, his comedic Twitter reply was perfect:

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For those not in the know, Ant-Man star Paul Rudd grew up in Kansas City and regularly reps his hometown, hence the connection. But Deadpool has a pretty large following of his own, so it’s no surprise that it expands to Kansas City.

The Deadpool fan’s proposal is a cool moment, but it also symbolizes something much bigger. It shows just how influential the character of Deadpool has become in the pop culture zeitgeist. Fans have shown on numerous occasions just how much they love the character. This was clear when a young Deadpool fan wrote his hero a letter, which Reynolds humorously and lovingly replied to. Fans care about the franchise so much that some are even giving Reynolds advice about it, with some help from the actor’s occasional foe, Hugh Jackman.

Of course, the Deadpool fandom is likely to expand in the coming years. The infamous antihero is not only slated to get a third installment, but it will also have ties to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Throwing Wade Wilson into the mix with the other big names of the franchise should put even more eyes on him. The MCU films are available to stream on Disney+, which you can sign up for using this link.

You can’t help but love how fans manage to incorporate their favorite superheroes into the biggest moments of their personal lives. This Deadpool-esque proposal is sure to be heartwarming for many, especially Ryan Reynolds - who can now take comfort in the fact that he has a foot in Paul Rudd’s Ant-Man territory.

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