Will Smith Went Full Bad Boys And Shared New Half Shirtless Post, But Says He's In 'Worst Shape' Ever

Will Smith running with his shirt open in Bad Boys.

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If Will Smith should be applauded for anything other than his stellar career in entertainment, it has to be his down to earth nature. Smith isn’t afraid to tell it like it is and show the world that the man behind the legacy is just as human as the rest of us. With all of that talk about his half shirtless scene in Bad Boys resurfacing, it’s prompted Mr. Smith to remind the world of that very fact, as he’s admitted the he’s in the worst shape possible in the best way imaginable.

Paying tribute to the very moment that Bad Boys director Michael Bay said helped make him a movie star, Will Smith put another half shirtless moment into the world on Instagram. But before you go labeling it a thirst trap, that’s totally not what Will Smith is trying to invoke. Rather, he’s admitting his human status in the most humble way possible, showing off what he considers the “worst shape” he’s ever been in.

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To be totally honest, while Will Smith is a bit down on his own appearance, the man still looks pretty good. True, it’s not the chiseled form that the world saw in Bad Boys, Independence Day or even I, Robot. But besides that unfair standard, Will Smith looks like the happy and funny man that audiences have still loved to see in Aladdin and, of course, Bad Boys For Life. Not to mention that there’s this thing called the COVID-19 pandemic that’s kind of set everyone back a bit, so it’s not like people should realistically expect Mr. Smith to keep in Bad Boys shape for life.

Plus, there’s the added angle that Will Smith’s most recent film on his docket is the biopic King Richard. Playing the role of Richard Williams, father/coach to tennis greats Serena and Venus Williams, it doesn’t sound like the high impact sort of role that requires a lot of gym time. Much like Matt Damon, Denzel Washington and even Benedict Cumberbatch, this weight looks to be a part of the acting process.

Of course, with a new Bad Boys sequel in development and Will Smith having expressed his thoughts about his current figure, that could change real soon. The motivation to get back into Mike Lowery shape doesn’t feel too far off, thought it definitely helps that Smith sounds personally motivated to change, as well as professionally. In either case, it’s hard to argue that he’s still the same Will Smith the world knows and loves, as he can even poke a little fun at his own self, identifying with the world and its struggles.

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