Godzilla Vs. Kong: Someone Made MechaGodzilla With LEGO And Wow

It’s amazing what fans can do with LEGO sets, both with officially licensed sets and home-brewed builds. While we’ve seen tons of official sets based on films like Star Wars, Harry Potter, and even Jurassic World, it’s the unofficial end that sometimes tends to be more exciting. One such example is a recent Godzilla vs. Kong project, which saw an eager fan build a MechaGodzilla out of the famous toy bricks. And wow, do the results speak for themselves, as an impressive tribute.

Courtesy of one of the good folks at Reddit, this Godzilla vs. Kong build has been brought to the eyes of the movie-going public. You saw the film version of director Adam Wingard’s mechanized beast at the head of this story, if it wasn’t already burned into your mind from watching it do damage in the movie itself. But now, prepare yourself for the LEGO rendition, which is a pretty slick replica:

MechaGodzilla in Lego form

As you can see by the detailed gallery of photos above, it takes a lot of LEGO bricks to put MechaGodzilla’s true villainy into an easily displayed form. Not only that, but anyone who wants to put together their own robot of destruction, it’s going to take a lot of patience to construct. So you might be better off printing out any of those photos and finding a nice frame if you’re not the type that likes fooling around with intense, movie accurate assemblies.

If you thought one Titan wasn’t enough, then you should skip to the last photo in the gallery link provided above. MechaGodzilla was only the beginning, as a fully staged scene between this metallic menace, Godzilla, and Kong is pictured. Those of you inspired to go the distance and create Godzilla vs. Kong’s climatic battle with your LEGO skills should start saving up, and making room for your hypothetical bragging rights.

Fans could easily build Godzilla vs. Kong’s big bad mecha-titan to display on a shelf or table in their own living room. Sure to be a conversation piece, it’s an impressive feat of home brewed modeling. However, if you’re friends with people that still haven’t seen what’s become one of the biggest hits in the current theatrical market, you may want to be careful with where you place it in the room. Otherwise, your crowning achievement might become a pretty huge clean up project.

Godzilla vs. Kong is currently in theaters, should you want to see the film again, or for the first time. Be sure to bring your notepad, as you never know where inspiration will hit when it comes to improving this LEGO creation. Just be careful if you build it as a moving model, or worse, decide to give it a digitized brain.

Mike Reyes
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