Shotgun Wedding: Josh Duhamel On Jennifer Lopez Looking Flawless While He Sweat On Set

Jennifer Lopez’s Shotgun Wedding is shaping up to be another possible hit to add to her acting resume. Josh Duhamel’s last-minute addition came at a turning point for the upcoming action-comedy. As handsome as Duhamel is, even he felt like a slob next to Lopez on the set. The actor recently got candid about Lopez looking flawless while he was a sweaty mess working on Shotgun Wedding.

It was commendable of Josh Duhamel to step up after Armie Hammer had to quit the film. Despite Shotgun Wedding's action flare, any human being would feel second best next to Jennifer Lopez, including fellow beautiful person Duhamel. Being the goddess Lopez is, Duhamel revealed he didn’t know how the two will look on the big screen together. As he put it:

I just crawl out of a river half the time in this movie. I'm completely soaked and sweaty and she's just gorgeous throughout the movie, so I'm not sure we're going to look like the perfect couple half the time because I'm this sweaty mess and she's J.Lo.

As Josh Duhamel pointed out, Jennifer Lopez always looks impeccable, whether it's a big-budget film, television series or social media. When it comes to her public persona, the entertainer is always on point when it comes to her look from head to toe. In the rare personal moments, Lopez still looks flawless with no makeup and in some comfortable sweats. But Duhamel isn’t too bad looking himself, as seen in his various movie and TV appearances.

During his Tonight Show appearance, Josh Duhamel gave Jimmy Fallon some background on his friendship with Jennifer Lopez. They go go a ways back, according to the actor. The Jupiter’s Legacy star praised the entertainer, saying:

She's fantastic. I've known her for years and it came to my attention that the job became available, and I got a chance to meet with her and it was like rekindling an old friendship with an old friend.

It’s nice to know Josh Duhamel and Jennifer Lopez rekindled their friendship. Sometimes, as actors, tackling a project like Shotgun Wedding can be overwhelming, especially with a last-minute replacement. Fortunately, Duhamel and Lopez knew each other before the film started, so it seemed to make things smoother. The actor even referred to the actress as a “dream” to work with during the production of the action-comedy.

Given Josh Duhamel’s words, it appears the action-comedy will be full of fun from both Duhamel and Jennifer Lopez. With so much drama surrounding the film, it will be fun to see Duhamel and Lopez’s on-screen chemistry once Shotgun Wedding is released. That positive energy has been on display even after the film wrapped, but fans will have to wait for a flawless Lopez as the film will arrive in theaters on June 29, 2022.

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