Jennifer Lopez Is All Smiles After Wrapping Shotgun Wedding, Despite Armie Hammer And A-Rod Drama

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Society might be slowly trudging out of the murky waters of the pandemic this year, but the same can’t quite be said for Jennifer Lopez. Not only has her latest film Shotgun Wedding had viral casting switch-ups and controversy, but she and Alex Rodriguez announced their breakup after a near 2-year-long engagement. It’s only been a week since the latest drama, but Lopez outwardly has nothing but smiles as Shotgun Wedding wraps filming.

Shotgun Wedding has been filming for months in the Dominican Republic, where Jennifer Lopez has taken up temporary residence amidst the Armie Hammer and A-Rod dramas. Now that it’s wrapped and headed to post-production, J.Lo took the time to smile and post selfies with the crew and fellow co-stars on the film, Josh Duhamel and Lenny Kravitz. Check out the pics here:

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Jennifer Lopez might be at ease with the cast and crew of Shotgun Wedding, but it has presumably been difficult for the actress to film. Even crazier is considering that the action-comedy is premised on a couple attempting a destination wedding, when in reality they might be actually headed toward breaking up.

The parallels between the fictional Shotgun Wedding and J.Lo’s real-life as of late are a bit glaring. She may not be literally taken hostage and getting a bit bloody as she saves loved ones from peril, but Lopez has been dealing with a lot of drama concerning her relationship with A-Rod. The kids are involved, and it’s gotten a bit messy. Reportedly, the “Love Don’t Cost A Thing” singer was the one to ultimately break up with A-Rod because of the rumors swirling of his alleged contact with Southern Charm star Madison LeCroy.

For a while there, though, both Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez seemed to be making headway out of the cheating allegations. A-Rod was blissfully posing for pics in the Dominican Republic while J.Lo was filming Shotgun Wedding and paparazzi even caught the couple in the midst of some serious PDA. But as Shotgun Wedding wrapped, so too did J.Lo and A-Rod’s relationship, apparently.

However, as can be seen by J.Lo’s Instagram pics, the tripe threat entertainer is putting on a brave face. We commend her, especially after managing to juggle preparing for three different love interests on-screen for Shotgun Wedding. Ryan Reynolds initially dropped out from the lead role before it was passed onto Armie Hammer. But due to the scandal surrounding Hammer’s alleged behavior with his own real-life paramours, he dropped out as well (along with few other noteworthy roles). This was all within the space of a few months before Josh Duhamel took over the part.

The scandals circling around Shotgun Wedding and Jennifer Lopez have been pretty relentless. With filming officially complete, hopefully J.Lo can take a much deserved break from it all.

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