Chris Evans Sends Love After Robert Downey Jr. Suffers Devastating Loss

It’s hard to see a trusted friend or family member pass unexpectedly. Unfortunately that’s what the MCU family is experiencing right now after the untimely passing of Robert Downey Jr.’s right-hand man Jimmy Rich. But Rich not only touched Downey Jr.’s life but that of Captain America himself Chris Evans. Evans decided to send RDJ some love after suffering such a devastating loss.

After Robert Downey Jr revealed the devastating news on May 6, an outpouring of support came flooding the actor’s comments. But fellow MCU member Chris Evans paid tribute to Jimmy Rich in his way. Evans took to Instagram to share his thoughts about the late Marvel crew member. Check out the actor’s touching post below:

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As evident by Chris Evan’s post, Jimmy Rich “left an indelible impression on everyone he met.” Having shot multiple MCU films together, Evans witnessed how “inseparable” Rich and Robert Downey Jr. were over a decade of filmmaking. Along with RDJ, the Captain America star seemed just as devastated by the loss.

Being the upstanding guy Chris Evans is, he took the time to acknowledge the huge loss to his “brother” Robert Downey Jr.’s life. As the actor pointed out, his fans and followers need to show RDJ that they “love him and are here for him” during such a challenging time.

With such a devastating loss, Chris Evans took the time to remind his followers to hug their “loved ones tightly.” That was a moving message, given the devastating amount of loss the world has suffered over the past year. His words also highlighted how important it is to tell and show loved ones their impact on your life. Shouting out Jimmy Rich’s family and friends drove that point home. RDJ’s right-hand man’s devastating death drove that point home as evident by Evans’ moving tribute.

Chris Evan’s tribute to Jimmy Rich and Robert Downey Jr.’s friendship was only a glimpse into their relationship. As Downey Jr. pointed out in his tribute to Rich, the Marvel crew member was more of a “brother” to him. Serving as his children’s “uncle” and personal assistant for over two decades, Rich became a member of RDJ’s family and an important player in the actor’s continuing sobriety. So for Downey Jr., the loss of his right-hand man was like losing an important piece in his puzzle.

As a member of the Marvel family, it was touching for Chris Evans to acknowledge Robert Downey Jr.’s loss. It’s nice to know Captain America still has Iron Man’s back even after their MCU departures. But it shouldn’t be surprising given how close the actors are in real life. Hopefully, knowing everyone, including his MCU family, has his back will help RDJ during his time of grief.

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