IHOP TikToker Is Back With Post Confirming Adam Sandler Did Return

Adam Sandler in Hubie Halloween
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Social media platform TikTok has afforded the unique opportunity for anyone to share their everyday experiences with the potential for it to go viral, including a famous comedian deciding to leave the restaurant you work at. Last month, Dayanna Rodas shared footage of herself with Sandler and his daughter, showing that he politely left the IHOP she works at after she told him of the wait before realizing that she was speaking to the famed SNL alum. Almost a month later, Sandler went back for the milkshakes.

Much to Dayanna Rodas surprise, her TikTok went completely viral and the story reached Adam Sandler, who tweeted that he only left the establishment after learning that their all-you-can-eat deal did not include milkshakes. So in honor of the Hubie Halloween star, the New York chain hosted a milkshake buffet of sorts with proceeds going to Sandler’s favorite charity Comedy Gives Back. Obviously Rodas made a TikTok about it:


To the sound of American Authors’ “Best Day Of My Life,” the TikToker shared photos of the Milkshake Monday event and her meeting with Adam Sandler. Dayanna Rodas claimed she did not recognize the star due to his beard and mask, but once she figured it out, she posted the viral post that features her wearing a clown filter on her face as she describes that Sandler left her IHOP after she told him he’d have to wait 30 minutes for a table. Check it out:


The video blew up partially because fans were so impressed that Adam Sandler did not push back against the 30-minute wait or pull the celebrity card and tell her who he was. Chances are Rodas would have likely accommodated Sandler if she had recognized who he was prior as she captioned her TikTok with “pleaseee come back.”

It’s kind of refreshing to see a big name deal with an everyday problem like being told there’s a long wait at a chain breakfast place, but after the fact Adam Sandler did inspire a sweet event including a lot of milkshakes. Maybe IHOP will do more Milkshake Mondays in his honor? They should anyway.

TikTok has been a gift and curse for celebrities as of late. Adam Sandler’s viral moment on the platform inspired some good, but recently Ben Affleck was called out for DMing model/actress Nivine Jay a video of himself on Instagram asking her why he unmatched her, showing his face and saying “it’s me.” Pop artist Lizzo also shared her drunk DM conversation with Chris Evans.

Adam Sandler’s next couple movies Hustle and Spaceman are for Netflix, while we wait for their release dates, check out what other films are coming to the streaming service this year.

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