After Ben Affleck Reportedly Slid Into An Actress’ DMs, She Rejected Him Then Shared His A+ Response

You never know if the person you matched with on a modern dating app is really who they say they are. One minute, you think that movie star/former Batman Ben Affleck is sliding into your DMs, and the next you’re convinced it’s just another potential catfisher. This is exactly what actress/influencer Nivine Jay thought she was going through when she unmatched a man claiming to be the Batfleck himself. The only problem is, it was totally him, and she’s got the video to prove it.

This whole story took place on Raya, a social media platform that’s apparently a celebrity dating hot spot as of late. Apparently, through this particular digital venue, Jay and Affleck were matched, and it looked like a potential love connection could have taken place. But after unmatching with Ben Affleck, he apparently sent her a response that plainly asked why, which Nivine Jay then shared to her TikTok in the following video:


Oops doesn’t even seem to cover the situation at hand. But to be absolutely fair, this is the internet we’re talking about here. Nivine Jay was obviously being cautious when it came to a potential for scamming, as it doesn’t seem like Ben Affleck would be hanging out on dating apps in his spare time. So imagine the shock and surprise when the truth was, it was Affleck all along.

This is another interesting story that comes in the wake of the big break up between Ben Affleck and ex-girlfriend/Deep Water co-star Ana de Armas, which took place closer to the beginning of the year. Of course, it’s presumed that this chance online encounter happened before that recent reunion between Affleck and one of his other famous exes, Shotgun Wedding star/Gigli co-star Jennifer Lopez. Since both have had some pretty high profile break ups, with Lopez recently ending her engagement to Alex Rodriguez, it seems like a good time to have a friend to relate to.

Even celebrities are sliding into each other’s DMs right now, as we’ve seen with the whole Lizzo/Chris Evans story that has been taking place as of late. But it’s a fair assumption that if Nivine Jay had as much confidence that the person she was talking to was actually Ben Affleck, she might not have rejected him through Raya. Then again, for all we know, Affleck may her video, and try sending Ms. Jay another message. Stranger things have happened in the world of online dating.

We may have to wait for an update to this notable case of online matches, as Ben Affleck is a bit busy with shooting and promoting future projects. Naturally, Affleck is set to star in director Andy Muschietti’s The Flash, which has just recently started production. Meanwhile, if you’re curious about Deep Water, you’ll have to wait a bit, as the completed film was delayed into a January 14, 2022 release date.

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