Adam Sandler Made A Hilarious Happy Gilmore Reference For This Year’s Masters, And Will Zalatoris Approves

Happy Gilmore and his caddy

Happy Gilmore wasn’t only Adam Sandler’s film breakout role but became required viewing for kids of the 1990s. The film’s golf theme resonated with many golf pros in the making, including Will Zalatrois. Viewers of this year’s Masters tournament couldn’t help but notice the resemblance between him and Happy Gilmore’s caddy. Even Sandler noticed by going to social media to make a hilarious film reference, getting Zalatoris’ approval in the process.

Will Zalatoris’ resemblance to the caddy led to a proliferation of memes and jokes, and the golf professional even picked up some new fans in the process. Of course, this all caught Adam Sandler's attention, as he took to his Twitter to give Zalatoris some positive reinforcement. Check out Sandler’s funny Happy Gilmore reference below:

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As evidenced by Adam Sandler’s tweet, he was in on the joke by giving the internet his seal of approval. The actor’s hilarious advice on Will Zalatoris was like seeing a wiser Happy Gilmore encouraging his former caddy. It proved that with some time and training, any caddy can follow in the footsteps of their boss.

With so many memes and jokes at his expense, Will Zalatrois seemed to take Adam Sandler’s funny tweet in stride. The golfing pro had remained silent on the jokes until Sandler’s seal of approval. Zalatoris then replied to Sandler on Twitter; check out the golf professional’s funny response below:

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Unlike some professional athletes, Will Zalatoris came back with humor in response to Adam Sandler. Zalatrois proved he could roll with the punches and meet Sandler on his level. Given the amount of scrutiny the golf pro has received, he could’ve been unleashed on Sandler for no reason, vut it was nice to see him show his sense of humor about the situation.

The interaction between Will Zalatoris and Adam Sandler was a bigger signal of the newfound love for Happy Gilmore. Sandler brought back one of his most endearing characters in a new video to celebrate the film’s 25th anniversary. That video led to Happy Gilmore’s Shooter McGavin re-editing it to continue his feud with the character. Recently, the film star spoke on his idea for a possible Happy Gilmore 2 amid rumors.

Despite Happy Gilmore being made two decades ago, Adam Sandler has still worked with his co-stars in other films. Netflix's Hubie Halloween was the latest reunion, as Julie Bowen co-starred with Sandler for the first time since doing the films in the 1990s. But that’s been the actor’s hallmark since Happy Gilmore was released, as seen by his film catalog.

So Adam Sandler and Will Zalatoris’ Twitter interaction only put more fuel in the Happy Gilmore fire. Hopefully, this will all translate into Sandler taking those Happy Gilmore 2 rumors seriously.

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