Why Angelina Jolie Just Took A Stunning Portrait Covered In Bees

Angelina Jolie poses with a sword in Eternals.

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Angelina Jolie has been known to make grand gestures, both in the name of art and the various humanitarian causes that she supports. But the Eternals star has gone and done something pretty extreme for a good cause; as she recently posed for a portrait covered in bees. The reason for Jolie’s absolutely stunning portrait is simple: she’s working with an initiative to preserve the world’s bee population, through the training and support of female beekeepers.

Commemorating World Bee Day with this National Geographic photo shoot, Angelina Jolie stood still in a carefully controlled environment, for about 18 minutes. Using a technique previously devised to photograph beekeeper Ronald Fisher, bee pheromones were use to signal where the insects should be placed in this powerful photo. The results are breathtaking, and absolutely real, as you’ll see below:

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Known as the “Women For Bees” initiative, Angelina Jolie will be part of UNESCO and cosmetic company Guerlain’s plan to train 50 women to become beekeepers. In total the plan is to restore 125 million bees into the world, through the building of 2,500 beehives to do so. So what better way to draw attention to these vital, and somewhat endangered, creatures than to tae a photo like the one above?

Strangely enough, Angelina Jolie has been wrangling with the forces of nature in the world of entertainment as of late. In addition to her role in director Chloe Zhao’s upcoming Marvel film Eternals, Jolie was also the lead in Warner Bros’ recent fire enhanced drama Those Who Wish Me Dead. Whether it’s been as a celestial being, or a firefighter trying to protect a young boy from some hitmen, 2021 feels like a very natural year for Angelina Jolie.

But beyond her works in the entertainment industry, her involvement with the “Women For Bees” cause is very much on brand for Ms. Jolie. Focused on the mindful practices of both humanitarian and environmental stewardship, it’s something that Angelina Jolie would absolutely support in her personal time. And now, with this amazing image, crafted with great care and accuracy, the worlds of art and philanthropy have yet again overlapped in another opportunity for the legendary movie star to do some good in the world.

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