Escape Room 2: Tournament Of Champions Trailer Shows Us A Bigger, Deadlier Game Than Before

In 2019 a room full of strangers entered director Adam Robitel’s Escape Room, and only two came out alive. Determined to thwart the evil corporation that was behind it all, these survivors swore to bring the fight to their former tormentors. Two years later, Escape Room: Tournament Of Champions has arrived, with Robitel back at the helm, showcasing a bigger, deadlier game than before.

With Zoey (Taylor Russell) and Logan (Ben Miller) last seen in New York, Escape Room: Tournament Of Champions sees their nemeses at the Minos Corporation capturing them once again. And they aren’t the only return players in the mix either, because as Logan himself points out, this is the tournament of champions. Not only are there new players filling out the ranks, but they’re all survivors of previous games that we’ll get peeks into throughout the film.

This first trailer for Escape Room: Tournament of Champions comes not too long after we ran an exclusive look at the story and photos from the movie. But not even those details could prepare audiences for just how large the Escape Room sequel has scaled its new puzzles to be. Which is probably another good reason why Escape Room: Tournament of Champions is going to be a solely theatrical release.

Already, we’ve seen escape rooms that are themed after subway cars, big city banks, and even a cute beach town. Though the greatest trap may be the last one shown in Escape Room: Tournament of Champions’ trailer, as a replica of a New York City street fakes out our competitors temporarily. Looks like the Minos Corporation has been swapping notes with the Umbrella Corporation from the Resident Evil franchise, as they were the last Sony franchise to pull a massive New York fake out.

The summer of 2021 looks to be a big one for movie theaters, and Escape Room: Tournament of Champions is ready to cash in. Expanding the scope of the original sleeper hit is usually the name of the game with any sequel, but it looks like this series in particular has upped the ante in a very deadly fashion. Which means it’s probably time to revisit Escape Room, in the hopes of picking up on any loose threads that could clue us into this next piece in the puzzle.

Escape Room: Tournament of Champions unlocks its puzzles on the big screen, starting July 16th. And if you want to see what’s going to compete at a theater near you, the 2021 release schedule is a 100% puzzle free zone. The only clues you need to unlock the future are your own moviegoing tastes.

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