Chris Pratt Has A Bold Prediction About His New Movie The Tomorrow War

Chris Pratt getting ready to take on alien forces in Amazon's The Tomorrow War

As seen in the full trailer, The Tomorrow War is the sci-fi blockbuster we need as the world starts to open again. With the release only months away, the film’s star Chris Pratt has already begun promoting the much-delayed film. Pratt even took an extra step to hyping the upcoming film. After much delay, the Jurassic World star made a bold prediction about his new movie The Tomorrow War.

The Guardians of the Galaxy star took to Instagram to promote the upcoming Amazon Prime film. In his post, Chris Pratt proclaimed the action flick will leave a strong impression on viewers. But in true Chris Pratt fashion, the movie star made a not-safe-for-work suggestion to enhance the viewing experience. To see more of his bold The Tomorrow War prediction, check out Pratt’s post below:

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Chris Pratt’s Instagram post shouldn’t be surprising given the actor has been hyping The Tomorrow War for weeks now. He even said the film was money well-spent by Amazon after the company acquired the sci-fi time-traveling film from Paramount Pictures. But Pratt doesn’t have to push too hard given the reception of the recent trailer. His push for the film does echo his usual enthusiasm for many of his projects despite an awkward discovery making the film.

But Pratt’s enthusiasm for The Tomorrow War is great given the uphill battle it has faced over the last year. Before its acquisition by Amazon, the film’s original 2020 release date was left in limbo after COVID-9 forced cinemas to shut down. Rumblings about the action film coming to streaming began earlier this year before the official Prime Video announcement. But given the hype from Pratt and Amazon, the film is poised to be one of Summer 2021’s biggest releases.

But Chris Pratt isn’t the only family member to hype up The Tomorrow War. His wife Katherine Schwarzenegger-Pratt helped to promote the Amazon action flick. Schwarzenegger-Pratt took to Instagram to praise her husband and hype up his latest film. Check out her heartfelt dedication post to her husband and his film below:

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It’s nice to see Katherine Schwarzenegger-Pratt support her husband and his career. Of course, she couldn’t just promote The Tomorrow War without squeezing a lovey-dovey moment for Chris Pratt. That’s why the two are one of Hollywood’s most adorable couples. They go out of their way to support each other’s endeavors. Let’s hope that support translates into huge streaming numbers for the sci-fi film.

With the Pratts promoting The Tomorrow War so hard, let’s hope their family-oriented promotion makes the Amazon film an enormous success. The Amazon film is just the first of many projects Chris Pratt has lined up. Moviegoers won’t have to wait much longer as the action flick will arrive on Prime Video on July 2.

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