Ryan Reynolds Isn't Afraid To Make Noise Over How Much He Loves A Quiet Place: Part II

Emily Blunt and John Krasinski with Ryan Reynolds

It’s been just over three years since John Krasinski’s directing debut A Quiet Place was released, and alongside his wife and costar Emily Blunt, they rocked the box office. The sequel to the apocalyptic horror film has been heavily anticipated due to both the positive reception of the first film and the many delays it has seen due to the pandemic. Just in time for A Quiet Place: Part II’s big release, Ryan Reynolds is not afraid to make noise and sing his friend Krasinski’s praises over how much he loves the sequel.

Just after the first showtimes of A Quiet Place: Part II, Ryan Reynolds took a break from trolling his fellow celebrities to make some noise for the film. Apparently the sequel is good enough to break the code of silence in its name, because Reynolds said in a post on his Twitter account that although he will not scream its praises, he won’t be silent about how good the sequel really is. You can check out his Tweet below:

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While a lot of people haven’t had the chance to see this film yet, that’s not stopping fans from commenting how excited they are to hear the film is good. Some filmgoers are commenting when their plans are to see the film, while others are caught up on Ryan Reynolds’ verbiage in his post, having to hit Google for the definition of “indecorous.” Who says the man who makes coarse NSFW jokes can’t have a damn good vocabulary?

Ryan Reynolds’ post, of course, caught the attention of his friend John Krasinski, who looks to be a man of far fewer and more simple words. His response to Reynolds’ compliment was a simple three words, saying he was speechless. The kicker, though, is the photo of Reynolds as Deadpool he attached to the post, in his famous shushing pose. You can check out that post below:

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It looks like the celebrity friends are having fun with the premiere of the long-awaited film. A Quiet Place: Part II chose to go against the new trend of releasing to streaming during the times of COVID for a theatrical run. What’s even more, and probably what took it so long to get to us, is that it will not be heading to streaming until a little later. It’s one of the first films to get an exclusive theatrical run since Tenet after theaters reopened during the pandemic.

It looks like Ryan Reynolds isn’t alone in his determination of the film, because reviews from people who have also already seen the film in the short time it’s been released to theaters are loving the sequel. It looks like there really was no need for Reynolds to scream his praises, because the rest of the filmgoers are doing it for him.

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