Blake Lively And Ryan Reynolds Trolled Each Other For Valentine's Day, But Hugh Jackman Went The Opposite Route

Valentine’s Day is seen as a day to celebrate your significant other or spouse, and celebrities aren’t immune to it. Of course, Hollywood has its way of showing it. Some choose to celebrate and honor their relationship in a loving way while others choose to crack on each other as a sign of love. Married couple Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds chose to do the latter while Reynolds’ “rival” Hugh Jackman chose a more traditional approach. They all took to social media to show their love.

Over the years, Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds have carried on a “feud” through social media despite calling it off a few times. The two actors have gone back and forth while plugging their various brands. Reynolds has never really taken his foot off Jackman’s neck, except perhaps for Valentine’s Day. Jackman decided to use his Instagram to pay tribute to Deborra Lee-Furness, his wife of 25-plus years. He posted a throwback photo from their wedding with a sweet message. Check out the loving post below:

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While Hugh Jackman chose the “loving husband” route, Ryan Reynolds decided to troll on this universal day of love. Jackman isn’t the only person Reynolds consistently pokes fun at on social media, as he and his wife Blake Lively go back and forth with hilarious results. And for the Hollywood couple, Valentine’s Day was no exception. He took to his Instagram to share a video of Lively bobsledding and a photo of the couple with a funny cryptic message. Check out Reynolds’ post below:

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Along with Ryan Reynolds’ post, Blake Lively took to Instagram for something a little more R-rated. She shared a photo of the couple as well, along with a video of Reynolds helping to color her hair. Check out her not-safe-for-work message to Reynolds below:

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Hugh Jackman’s approach to Valentine’s Day highlighted the endearing bond he and his wife still share after being married over two decades. By Hollywood standards, the couple has been married for a lifetime. On the other hand, Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively showcased their love language – humor – to celebrate their love online. Reynolds and Lively’s brand of witty humor spoke to the fun married couples still have even after being together for years. Their Valentine’s Day posts were just the latest in the couple’s constant trolling. Reynolds recently trolled Lively after she baked Great British Bake-off worthy cake, stating he’s still a “pie guy.” Reynolds and Blake Lively’s brand of affection has worked as the couple share three children.

But Ryan Reynolds’ trolling goes beyond just Hugh Jackman and Blake Lively. He even trolled The Proposal co-star Betty White for her recent birthday and his middle name to hilarious results. Hugh Jackman and Reynolds’ differing approaches to Valentine’s Day displayed how everyone shows their affection.

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