No Time To Die Singer Billie Eilish Rocks Blonde Locks In Lost Cause Video

Billie Eilish in sleepwear with the girls in Lost Cause music video

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Ahead of No Time To Die’s release this fall, Billie Eilish has a huge summer ahead of her as she gets ready to release her second studio album Happier Than Ever. The 19-year-old Grammy winner has already turned heads with a totally different haircut, along with posing for a viral corset photoshoot to promote body positivity. Now Billie is flaunting her new look with a hype music video to introduce her new song “Lost Cause.”

The new song is the fourth single off Billie Eilish’s upcoming album. Following the calming, yet unsettling message of “Your Power,” which she released about a month ago, “Lost Cause” has Billie Eilish confident in sleepwear around the girls as she seemingly disses an ex while dancing and playing games like Twister with them in a house. Check out the new video:

The video has Billie and a crew of girls having what looks like a fun girls day, engaging in activities like shooting darts, having water gun fights and munching on snacks as the No Time To Die singer says “I sent you flowers, did you even care? You ran the shower and left them by the stairs.” It’s most certainly a breakup song, but one that feels more empowering than mournful throughout. “Lost Cause” feels like it’s about the realization that sometimes there’s nothing you can do about someone, and how wrong they really were for you.

The visuals of the video are perfect as it plays like a rant sesh with a group of friends after a relationship falling out. The women playfully dance with one another as Billie sings “You were nothing but a lost cause.” The video also follows well with Billie Eilish’s recent Vogue photoshoot, which had the young artist feeling comfortable showing skin. Prior to this summer, Eilish was well known for wearing baggy clothing in an effort to steer the conversation away from her body and onto her art. She’s now challenging this by embracing her sensuality through this fun video.

So far, Happier Than Ever has a much different vibe than Billie Eilish’s first Grammy-winning album When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?, which had the artist exploring a horror-infused visual aesthetic that saw spiders crawling out of her mouth, her crawling underneath beds and crying black fluid from her eyes. “Lost Cause” shows a more joyful and flirtatious side of Billie Eilish as she comes into her womanhood and changes out her iconic green and black hair look.

Billie Eilish’s new album featuring this song comes out July 30. She will also be featured on the James Bond movie No Time To Die through her song of the same name. She is the youngest singer to have a song featured in the 007 franchise, which will help send off Daniel Craig’s iteration of the spy on October 8.

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