No Time To Die’s Billie Eilish Throws Shade At The Wig That Hid Her New Blonde Hair For Weeks

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Billie Eilish recently debuted her blonde hair and looked totally killer in a corset. It’s a whole new look for the No Time To Die singer, but she says she kept it under wraps for weeks before its big debut. Now, she’s explaining why she kept the blonde a secret, also throwing a little shade at the Halloween company that made the Billie Eilish look. Shots fired, Amazon!

There was a lot of chatter on the Internet around the time Billie Eilish’s new hair debuted that she was doing something new and was probably wearing a wig during that period. This may have come about because her stylist Lissa Renn admitted she had been processing her hair, mentioning it took six weeks and that Billie had been wearing a wig. But her fans really were up for sleuthing during this period.


It’s not as if Billie Eilish holed up for that entire time, but she was suspiciously seen wearing a lot of hats, which only fueled the speculation fire. Eilish recently confirmed to Stephen Colbert during a Late Show appearance that she was wearing a wig during that period, also explaining why.

So, from black to blonde, big thing, and to do it right and to do it where you’re not murdering your hair and keeping it healthy. I did the first process, then waited like two weeks so it could kind of heal, then again, then wait two weeks and blah blah blah… So, I knew that it would have these processing periods where it would look insane and I didn’t want to look insane. But I needed something quick. So, I literally ordered a Billie Eilish Halloween costume wig on Amazon.

How did that go? Not well, obviously, which probably led to all the bucket hats. But Billie Eilish threw a little shade at the wigmaker who’s out there selling cheap Billie Eilish costumes to the populace, also sharing her real feelings about what it took to throw on that wig while she was figuring out her new look:

It was awful. It was the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen. It was literally a fully black wig this long, plastic and the green was only like here [points up top]. Don’t do that. But the thing was, I wasn’t trying to, you know, play a prank on the Internet, ‘Oh god, she Hannah Montana’d us.’ No, I just looked fucking crazy underneath and I needed to look not crazy.

Though Billie Eilish did get a quickie wig made from a professional wigmaker as well, she rocked out that plastic-y Halloween wig like there was no tomorrow, even wearing that during a previous The Late Show with Stephen Colbert appearance. So, the wig may have been cheap, it may have been “awful,” but she did ultimately get good use out of it, leading to one of the most stunning transformations we’ve seen from a celebrity in a while.

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Next up, there's going to be more transformation going on. Billie Eilish has a new album Happier Than Ever scheduled to release in July. Then, her upcoming No Time To Die theme song will finally, finally play in theaters this October, when Daniel Craig's final outing as James Bond gets its chance to shine. There's more on the way for Billie, but hopefully that future won't include more wigs anytime soon.

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