Finally, It Looks Like There's Some Happy Death Day 3 News At Blumhouse On The Horizon

Jessica Rothe being stalked by killer in Happy Death Day

While franchises are the order of the day in Hollywood, not every franchise survives in a complete form. For every movie that gets multiple sequels there's one that ends on a cliffhanger that never gets fully resolved. This happens despite these movies frequently having passionate fan bases. Such has been the case with Happy Death Day. The Blumhouse horror franchise has seen two movies, and creator Christopher Landon has always talked about wanting to make a third. But despite the fact that the two previous films were reasonably successful, it's seemed that third movie was unlikely. But now it seems like something is coming relating to the franchise.

It's been two years since Happy Death Day 2U, the sequel was released and at the time fans were told that a third film was highly unlikely. That certainly didn't stop the fans from flooding social media asking for the film, and while there has been some indication of movement in recent months, nothing official has been announced. One of those fans who apparently was asking for a new movie on Twitter recently tweeted at Happy Death Day director Christopher Landon, and mentioned the long-desired Happy Death Day 3, and Landon responded to the tweet saying...

I might have some news on the distant horizon for you.

Needless to say, this has Happy Death Day fans now scrambling once again. It's certainly not confirmation of Happy Death Day 3, it's not even confirmation that something within the franchise is certain to happen, but it's the first indication that something along those lines could happen that fans have seen in two years.

The first Happy Death Day movie was a smash hit, grossing over $125 million worldwide on a budget reported to be less than $5 million. The sequel Happy Death Day 2U didn't do quite as well, but still grossed nearly $65 million on a budget of less than $10 million. Because these movies have been so cheap to produce, they don't need to become one of the highest grossing movies of the year to be successful. Both films were certainly profitable for Blumhouse by any metric.

This made the fact that a third movie was off the table so fast a little strange. About a year ago Jason Blum implied there was at least a possibility of a Happy Death Day 3, but had nothing specific to report. Christopher Landon later said the movie was actually in an early stage of development, but that's still not the same as being confirmed. Now it looks like we might be close to some sort of announcement.

Michael Landon says "might" and he also says that whatever news he may have is on the "distant horizon" so we probably shouldn't expect any news too soon. It's also possible that what that news is, isn't actually Happy Death Day 3. At least not in the way we might expect it. Maybe the story will be continued in a TV series or a comic book rather than a film. Still, news on Happy Death Day 3 getting the official green light is certainly possible.

Dirk Libbey
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