Superman And Deliverance Star Ned Beatty Is Dead At 83

Ned Beatty in Deliverance

Ned Beatty, an actor well known for his many memorable roles around Hollywood across many decades, has died. The Superman and Deliverance star passed away at 83 at his home on Sunday morning, reportedly in his sleep and surrounded by family members.

Ned Beatty's death was confirmed by his family, and while the exact circumstances of his passing are not known at this time, TMZ reported the death was not related to COVID-19. Beatty's death marks the end of a 50-year career in Hollywood, which included appearances in several iconic works beyond the aforementioned Superman and Deliverance, such as Network, Toy Story 3 (where he voiced Lotso the Bear), and Rudy. Beatty earned an Oscar nomination for his masterful role in Network for Best Actor in a Supporting Role.

Though his career in film was extensive and long-ranging, Ned Beatty wasn't a stranger to television. Following his debut in deliverance, Beatty had guest roles in major television shows ranging from MASH to Hawaii Five-O. Decades later, Beatty would have a steady run on television in Homicide: Life On The Street, and as Ed, the father of Dan Conner in Roseanne. Beatty's final television appearance was in 2013, where he guest-starred on Friends vet Matthew Perry's one-season comedy Go On.

Fans have already started collectively memorializing Beatty on the internet and pointed out some of the highlights of his career. Some pointed to his memorable role as Otis in Superman, while many are sharing clips of his A+ speech Network that played a key role in his Oscar nomination. Many on the web pointed to Beatty's supporting roles being so good that they could almost serve as the highlight of the movie he was in.

Perhaps what's most notable about Ned Beatty's Oscar nomination for Network is that his total performance came in at under 6 minutes total. Beatty ultimately lost out on the Oscar to actor Jason Robards for the latter's role in All The President's Men, a movie in which Beatty also appeared in. If ever there was an example of what an active worker and impactful performer Beatty was in Hollywood, this has to be it, although his performance in Deliverance has definitely also stood the test of time.

Ned Beatty is survived by his wife Sandra Johnson, as well as his eight children and grandchildren. Beatty wasn't as active in Hollywood in his final years, with his final string of performances having occurred in 2013. His last credited performance was in the Paula Patton film Baggage Claim, in which he appeared alongside his wife Sandra. When he wasn't acting, Beatty was on the record as someone who liked to play the bass guitar and golf.

CinemaBlend would like to offer its deepest sympathies to the family of Ned Beatty, and wish them well during this challenging time.

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