Tiffany Haddish Lost 50 Lbs. Now, She’s Rocking New Bikini Pics And Talking How She Lost The Weight

The last year was transformational for a lot of people and a lot of lifestyles in a lot of different ways. Some celebrities took the time to get in shape or finally lose weight, including Rebel Wilson and Tiffany Haddish, both of whom lost a significant amount after quarantine kicked off. Now, The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent and Girls Trip star is sharing the first look at what her 50 lb weight loss looks like in a bikini, along with how she got there.

Everyone should feel comfortable in swimwear as summer kicks off, but Tiffany Haddish is particularly excited about sharing her summer look after a 50 lb weight loss. The star, who recently said she was trying to get back to her “high school” weight, also took to Instagram this week to rock out a bikini.

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I don’t know if Tiffany Haddish has hit her goal weight yet, but she looks great. The actress shared a few months back that she had done a 30 Day Transformation Team routine to start to jumpstart her journey. On the exercise front, she mentioned in an interview with Extra that she started with short bouts of cardio like beach running, but then amped things up considerably and she did it in a unique way: via VR.

I love my clothes are too big! … So, at first I was like doing 15 minutes running on the beach, stuff like that, on my Peleton. But then I got these Oculus glasses. It changed the game. I’m kinda addicted to VR and this app called Supernatural. You’re supposed to do like 20 minutes a day. I’ll do the 20 minutes and maybe 10 minutes in the morning, then I’m like fiending to get back on. You’re like hitting these balls right, you feel like a samurai and good music is playing and then you’re flipping and turning and all this stuff. You have to squat down and you start sweating like crazy.

It sounds kinda of fun right? Apparently, Tiffany Haddish is so into the app to the point where she says multiple times a day she gets in the mood to get back in it. She also says that her partner, actor and rapper Common, totally thinks this way of working out to keep her weight down is “hilarious.”

I look like like a weirdo. I did it in front of my man one day and he was like, ‘You look hilarious.' He was like, ‘You’re really into it.’ He doesn’t want to do it. ‘I’m not into it. It’s not my thing. I’d rather just do push-ups or a real workout.’

Tiffany Haddish also admits the app helps her to get her heart rate into the 170s and she doesn’t really seem to care that Common finds it amusing. Probably because the results have helped her to get to a point where she’s happy, healthy and chilling in swimwear with cutouts.

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It’s worth noting that Haddish has also been super open about her weight loss journey, what she weighed when she started (around 182 lbs) and the journey she’s gone through to get in shape. The reason she’s been so candid? Tiffany Haddish previously explained that by being open about how she dropped the weight and how she’s feeling now that, “Maybe that inspires some other people to get their shit together.” It’s certainly inspiring me.

Next up you can catch Tiffany Haddish in a pair of movies, The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent and The Card Counter, both currently in post-production. We'll keep you updated as she adds more to her busy workload.

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