Rebel Wilson Debuts Swimsuit Pic, Inspiring Fans After 60 Lb Weight Loss

Rebel Wilson’s weight loss journey has been all over Instagram for the last year. The comedic actress has marked her progress in her “year of health” as she strived for a healthier outlook. Along with the way, the Isn’t It Romantic star has become an inspiration to her followers and fans. After not posting selfies for weeks, the actress debuted a swimsuit photo after her 60-pound weight loss, becoming an inspiration to her fans once more.

The Pitch Perfect star took to Instagram to show off her stunning one-piece swimsuit. The actress struck a pose while standing in the Florida sand. While enjoying the beach, Rebel Wilson stated she wanted to move to the southern state after spending time in Palm Beach. Check out Wilson’s stunning bikini selfie below:

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After the actress posted her beach selfie, her comment section was filled with inspiring messages from fans. While some asked about her bikini or left simple messages, other followers chose to tell Rebel Wilson how inspiring her physical transformation was. One fan left a poignant comment by telling Wilson:

Wow, I’ve watched your weight loss journey on here it seems like every pic you lose weight! You’ve obviously worked very very hard, but you make it look easy. Kudos to you. I’m in awe. Anyway, you go girl living your best life representing Aussies in Hollywood.

Some chose to praise and give Rebel Wilson for her weight loss. Others wanted some fitness advice from the actress after witnessing her physical transformation. One follower asked the Australian actress:

Rebel what would you advise a person (like me) to keep moving towards his goal?

Given the comedic actress’s fitness transformation, I’m sure fans have plenty of questions about her regime, diet and motivation for losing 60 pounds. Particularly Rebel Wilson noted wanting to become healthier, rather than trying to adhere to Hollywood beauty standards. It's for this reason that so many are inspired by her journey.

I could see Rebel Wilson eventually dropping a self-help or fitness book, like other celebrities, in a few years. But her weight loss journey hasn't been so easygoing for the Pooch Perfect host. She admitted to people treating her differently now as well as dealing with the next phase of her weight loss journey. At least, Wilson has shown all sides of losing weight and its effects on the world around her.

The comedic actress’s beach selfie came months after she announced a break from social media. At the time, Rebel Wilson decided to step away from Instagram for a film she was shooting in London. Her reason for taking a hiatus was commendable given how addictive social media can be at times. It seemed to have paid off given fans’ reactions in her comment section.

Hopefully, as Rebel Wilson continues her weight loss journey, she will be as open and inspirational about her lifestyle in the future. With many projects coming up, only time will tell if the actress will be able to maintain her incredible progress.

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