Could Paul Walker’s Daughter Meadow Make A Fast And Furious Cameo Before The Last Movie? Here’s What Jordana Brewster Says

Jordana Brewster in F9

The Fast & Furious franchise refers to its core cast members as "family." Both inside and outside the film franchise we do get the impression that the core cast really does have quite a close relationship, and in the past we've seen actual family members of some of the cast step up when their help was needed. So could we see Meadow Walker, daughter of Paul Walker, appearing alongside her father's cast mates in Fast 10? Jordana Brewster is one who would love to see it.

Meadow Walker was born in 1998 which means she was all of three-years-old when the first Fast and Furious movie came out. The franchise that her father Paul Walker was a part of has been a part of her entire life. She frequently shares pictures of her father, as well as other members of the cast that make it clear that they all truly are close. With the end now in sight for the Fast and Furious franchise, with a two-part finale now looking to start filming as early as next year, could the new movie include Meadow Walker as a way to bring Paul Walker's movie family and real family together? Jordana Brewster tells Access something like that would be beautiful...

I think it would be a beautiful way -- I think that she feels so comfortable with us and she feels very rooted in our universe --so to extend that to her being on screen would just be really natural. I think it would be very cool. She’s coming to [the premiere]. We showed each other pictures of our dresses and she looked very beautiful.

The word is that Meadow Walker, a professional model, has considered getting on screen in the film franchise. And it seems to be almost a foregone conclusion that if she wanted to appear, a place would be found for her. Certainly, considering the relationship that she has with the other cast members, if she's trading dress pictures with Jordana Brewster, she would be welcomed with open arms.

Vin Diesel's own son appeared in F9 so there's also precedent for bringing in actual family, and it seems more than likely that we could see something like this happen in the next two films. Fast & Furious 10 has been confirmed to be in two parts but it's also confirmed that those two films will wrap up the saga. If that's the case, then you can be sure the movies will want to give everybody a proper sendoff. Paul Walker will almost certainly be recognized in some way. They could bring his brother back to actually stand in for him on screen as they did at the end of Furious 7, or they could do something a little different, like bring in his daughter to play a part.

If I were to put money on it, I'd bet we'll see Meadow Walker in one or both parts of Fast and Furious 10. If production really does get underway early next year, we'll likely know for sure by then.

Dirk Libbey
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