Mark Hamill Responds To Star Wars Merch Focusing On Luke Skywalker’s Severed Hand, And I Gotta Hand It To Him

Luke Skywalker loses his hand in The Empire Strikes Back.

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Movie merchandise can be an awesome opportunity to give fans of franchises like Star Wars the opportunity to relive their favorite moments in the comfort of their own home. In other more humorous scenarios, it’s a chance to turn moments like when Mark Hamill’s Luke Skywalker lost his hand into a collector’s item and/or punchline. That’s not lost on Hamill himself, as seen in a recent response to those touting all sorts of merch commemorating Luke’s heart to heart with Darth Vader. I’ve gotta hand it to the man, he knows how to make a 40-year-old spoiler into comedy gold.

If you’re not following Mark Hamill’s Twitter feed, then you’re not getting the best mileage out of the social media app. As the legendary Star Wars star has used the platform to share heartfelt messages and humorous observations of the franchise he helped make into a cultural juggernaut, there’s no subject he can’t get a rise out of. Which makes his reaction recorded below another worthy reminder that you never know where Mr. Hamill’s wit will strike next:

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Telling fans to “just say no to #lukedismembermentmerch,” Mark Hamill’s latest dose of online humor shows off some interesting items modeled after The Empire Strikes Back’s climactic scene. From a fake Kenner action figure of Luke’s missing hand to a patch that shows his hand flying off, along with the message “Nothing Feels Good,” you can see why Hamill would have just the right response to this rather interesting phenomenon. Though if anyone was looking for an opinion, that collector’s replica on the top right looks like the most valuable piece of this curated collection.

Four decades later, The Empire Strikes Back’s big moment in which Luke Skywalker lost his hand is still something that fans talk about. It’s become so memorable that even fans who’ve gone on to do things like run the Marvel Cinematic Universe have found interesting ways to pay tribute to that shocking Star Wars scene. Though that’s a far cry from turning Mark Hamill’s fictional amputation into a marketable running gag, and it’s that instance that’s brought out the legendary charm and snark that the actor is famous for displaying.

Mark Hamill may have said goodbye to playing Luke Skywalker in the Star Wars saga, but don’t count on him ever bidding adieu to providing some color commentary on the subject. If there ever was a day where he stopped throwing in his two credits about various pieces of trivia and memorabilia, the internet would become a bit less fun to enjoy. Not to mention, who knows the merch people would be able to turn out of his history of tweets; especially in the world of NFTs.

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