After A Tough Year For Theme Parks, Jennifer Lopez And Ben Affleck Are Good Press For Universal Studios Hollywood

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Over the last year, the pandemic forced not only film and television productions to shut down but theme parks as well. Reopenings have slowly commenced, with a few new rules to boot. Luckily, the likes of Universal Studios Hollywood has two secret weapons to get butts back into roller coasters, and their names are Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck.

It's been alluded to, guessed at, and speculated on ad nauseum that Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have reignited their early 2000s Bennifer romance. But it is my great pleasure to confirm it as a certified-platinum fact that they are definitely not just hanging out as friends - unless of course one holds hands with an ex-fiancé just for the fun of it. As reported by The Daily Mail, the two actors were spotted together at Universal Studios Hollywood on Friday - and it's surely an indication of good news for both theme park sales and Bennifer stans.

Their apparent theme park date (I'll have to reiterate here that we don't just hold hands with exes) also doubled as a joint family bonding event. Jennifer Lopez brought her 13-year-old twins and Ben Affleck brought his 9-year-old son. (I guess, Affleck’s ex-wife Jennifer Garner really doesn't mind Bennifer after all.) JLo and Affleck strolled hand-in-hand around Universal Studios Hollywood and got drenched along with the kids while going through the infamous Jurassic World ride.

Universal Studios Hollywood only just reopened its gates a few months ago, coupled with a new Secret Life of Pets-themed attraction, to the delight of fans and the park's official Twitter account. Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck and their respective kids aren't the only ones making good of the return to some sort of theme park normalcy, either. Dwayne Johnson was spotted there last month with his own family in tow.

As mentioned, much like Jennifer Lopez’s love life, theme parks have seen major changes in recent months. For instance, Disney World's strict mask rule was amended so that vaccinated visitors now don't need to wear them at all (there's also been more leniency afforded to anyone walking outside). Universal was actually ahead of the House of Mouse, as the company lifted mask rules sooner. With this, JLo, Ben Affleck and their families were seen without their masks on while at Universal Studios Hollywood.

Reports were indicating prior to the Universal Studios Hollywood outing that Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck were getting serious. According to People, JLo’s mother was even witnessed getting back into the role of possible future mother-in-law, as she's landed a small part in Affleck’s next film project.

After having some fun at Universal Studios Hollywood, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez flew across the country to apparently have some alone time in the Hamptons, The Daily Mail also reported. The two were seen arm-in-arm this time and in matching cream outfits – and its screaming relationship goals and Bennifer-era dreams come true. Hopefully Alex Rodriguez found himself an invite to a party (one not hosted by Jennifer Lopez’s friends), just so he can avoid that awkward run-in near his own Hamptons rental, only a mile away from JLo’s house.

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