Dwayne Johnson Took His Family To Universal Studios, And There’s Adorable Photos

Jason Statham and Dwayne Johnson walk in the rain in Hobbs and Shaw.

There are two sides to Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson that the world knows and loves. On one hand, there’s the action adventure star/entrepreneur that hustles hard, and flexes as often as he smiles. But on the flip side, there’s the family man who knows how to kick back and relax. The latter side came out to play recently, as Johnson took his family on a trip to Universal Studios Hollywood; and there’s adorable photos to prove it.

Showcased on Dwayne Johnson’s ever popular Instagram account, we see a couple photos of the family together on their Universal excursion. Most notably, we see the Johnsons walking through The Wizarding World of Harry Potter section of the park, which drew a shocked eyes emoji from Potter vet Matthew Lewis himself in the comments. But as always, the message included with these photos was as sweet and paternal as you would expect:

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If you ever doubt the humanity of Dwayne Johnson, especially in the face of the godlike physique he’s been cultivating for DC’s Black Adam, you only need to look at this post to know that he’s just like the rest of us. Not even the man who plays Luke Hobbs in the Fast Saga and its spinoff can avoid the common theme park peril of having to carry his kids when they’re too tired to walk. Of course, when he does it, it technically counts as a light version of arm day, so maybe godhood is still on the table.

As if the entire rundown of thanks that Johnson paid to the security detail wasn’t humble enough, there was even a fun Harry Potter reference that he threw in for good measure. Calling himself “the big, bald, brown, tattooed Voldemort,” Dwayne Johnson signed off on this gem of an update in quite possibly the best way possible. Warner Bros. should be taking note of this, as if they really want to add some pizazz to those last two Fantastic Beasts movies, they might want to think about hiring Johnson for a role-- whether he be a hero or villain.

That’s provided the man actually has time in his schedule, of course. Looking at Dwayne Johnson’s credits throughout the next year alone, everything from Jungle Cruise to DC League of Super Pets is already heaped on his plate. And that’s on top of promoting this year’s big Netflix blockbuster Red Notice, as well as actually filming Black Adam. Yet somehow, this man found time to take a vacation.

Being able to take some time off with family is always a good thing, and it’s even better when you’re as busy as Dwayne Johnson. Though his nickname may credit him as “The Rock,” he’s certainly not made of stone when it comes to pressing pause and enjoying the company of his loved ones. Here’s hoping he can bring the family to one of the Disney Parks locations when he promotes Jungle Cruise, which hits theaters on July 30th.

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