A-Rod Gives A+ Response After Missing Out On An Invite To Party Hosted By Jennifer Lopez’s Friend

alex rodriguez and jennifer lopez in hustlers
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A breakup is a breakup is a breakup. In the immortal words of A Bug's Life, “They come, they eat, they leave.” This cycle of life would be the case for most – except when the two exes are mega-celebrities. Then it gets more complicated. Take, for example, Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez’s split after being engaged for almost two years. As it turns out, A-Rod recently missed the invitation for a huge party hosted by JLo's friend. But no worries, as he had a pretty good response to mask any kind of FOMO.

Jennifer Lopez’s friend and vocal coach, Stevie Mackey, posted several videos on Instagram featuring the return of his infamous Taco Tuesdays Live parties. The event showcases good music and a lot of big names. JLo was spotted in attendance at the packed shindig, which is probably why Alex Rodriguez didn't get that invite. Running into one’s ex at such a public event would have been awko-taco to say the least... But A-Rod ultimately decided to comment on the awkwardness of the slight anyway, saying alongside a heart-eyed emoji:

Where is my invite - Stevie?!

Jennifer Lopez’s friend quickly played off Alex Rodriguez’s comment, by responding “anytime brother!! Haha." Clearly though, anytime really means not when JLo is also going to be around. We don’t make the rules…

The other comments on the party video were pretty ruthless against Alex Rodriguez. Some noted that he only wanted an invite after seeing his ex Jennifer Lopez there and others implied that he should “move on.” It's been no secret that JLo is seemingly attempting to do so.

Following a lengthy saga of confusing events, Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez officially broke off their engagement back in April. A few weeks later, she was spotted with another ex-fiancé, Ben Affleck. Their supposed reignited “Bennifer” romance has led many to speculate on how A-Rod feels about it all.

The former MLB player is supposedly just fine with Bennifer. He’s even taken to showing off his weight loss revenge bod on Instagram. However, many have questioned if his actions truly match his words. Alex Rodriguez posted a pic with his own ex-wife amidst the excitement over Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck. He also reportedly moved into a rental house just a few minutes away from JLo’s Hampton house.

I mean, most normal folks wouldn't be caught dead trying to be at the same party as an ex. Or live down the street from an ex. Or talk to our ex’s close friends, especially after rumors of cheating. But perhaps, when it comes to Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez, they really are “better as friends” as they claimed in their breakup statement.

It still sounds pretty awko-taco to me. Perhaps Alex Rodriguez should leave his inquiries about his party invitation in the DMs.

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