Tom Hiddleston Reveals The Amazing Story Behind His Thor: Ragnarok Knife Flip

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In the past few weeks, we’ve gotten to know Tom Hiddleston’s Loki better than ever thanks to the Loki series streaming over on Disney+. The six-episode series has treated us to an incredibly weird adventure for the Marvel villain, and has led the actor behind the character to reflect on his journey with the God of Mischief. And apparently a hugely iconic Thor: Ragnarok scene has more to it behind the scenes than what meets the eyes.

Loki’s daggers have become a signature part of the character’s look over the years, with Tom Hiddleston often flinging them around and Loki often stabbing people in the back with them. And in one particularly cool sequence in 2017’s Thor: Ragnarok, Hiddleston flips two of them at once in his hands. When speaking to Entertainment Weekly, the actor has shared how the shot was done and a it’s seriously impressive story:

So there's a big sequence on the bridge at the end of the film, and we all had these sequences of choreography while Chris and Cate Blanchett were fighting together, and myself and Idris and Taika had all these pieces we had to do with the fantastic stunt department in their motion capture suits. And we were doing that run, it was an afternoon, and it was myself and Idris and maybe Taika. I can't remember. Definitely Idris was there, and it was a two-shot of us fighting these fantastic athletes that are the stunt guys. And I ran out of choreography. Basically, I think I finished my moves before Idris, and he was still rolling, and I didn't want to just be standing there like a lemon, not doing anything interesting. So I just flipped the knives, and caught them by chance.

Excuse me… what? According to Tom Hiddleston, the moment happened by accident thanks to the actor running out of choreography for his character while they were filming the action scene. So in a bit of lucky improvisation, the actor flipped both knives and stuck the landing. You can check out a short clip of the flip in question here:

Ok, what’s blowing my mind here is not only that he did the knife flip in both hands at once, but he’s looking straight into the camera while he’s doing it and not fumbling at all. Tom Hiddleston shared what happened after the actual moment, saying,

Idris laughed about it. We watched it back. He was [like], 'Oh, god, he's gone and done a knife flip at the end of it.' Because he was finishing his fight moves. But, yeah, it ended up staying. I've since tried to do it. Every time I try to do it with wooden spoons, it never works, and I always drop one. So it was one of those things, but lightning never strikes twice.

This apparently wasn’t a move that Tom Hiddleston even trained for and he hasn’t since been able to pull it off despite his best efforts. Perhaps in the costume and with the cameras rolling adrenaline just kicked in. The actor had also had some time before with the knives and by knowing its weight it’s not completely impossible that he’d be able to throw them around like that. It just goes to show that when Hiddleston is Loki… boy does he commit. He could have sliced his hand!

The fifth episode of Loki premiered Wednesday, bringing a number of pressing questions to minds as the series approaches its finale next week. If you’ve yet to catch up on the series, you can sign up for Disney+ using this link. It’s sure to be a huge week for Marvel fans as Black Widow also premieres in theaters and Disney+ Premier Access this Friday, July 9.

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