Jason Momoa Announces He Starts Filming Aquaman 2 Tomorrow, Watch His Fun And Sweet Video

In the last couple of weeks, Aquaman 2 has been putting all of the big pieces in place to start production, beginning with director James Wan announcing that the sequel is officially titled Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom. In the time since then we have seen teaser posts from stars like Yahya Abdul-Mateen II and Amber Heard, but now the lead playing the film’s titular hero, Jason Momoa, is finally getting ready to jump into action, and has celebrated the exciting event with a video message for his fans.

It’s been more than two-and-a-half years since the first Aquaman movie hit theaters, and now Jason Momoa has revealed that he will be starting work on the set of Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom tomorrow. The actor has arrived in England where the blockbuster is being shot, and he recorded and shared an Instagram video to update his followers. Check it out below:

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As of right now Jason Momoa is sporting his normal brown hair, but as of tomorrow his locks will be in the hands of the Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom stylists, and they will be transforming him back into a blond. In the video he appears both eager and a touch nervous about the upcoming endeavor, but also grateful to all of the people who will be joining him on the project. Said Momoa,

It is sunny out, it’s amazing, and I’m going to start Aquaman 2 tomorrow. It's the last day of the brown; I'm going to be a blonde. Supposedly have more fun, I don't know about that, we’ll test it out. But I’m excited to see James and my whole cast, and I just wanted to send my love to all my friends and cast members and crew back at See, I will see you soon. I love you, and I miss you; thank you very much, Canada.

(For those curious about the meaning of that last bit, Jason Momoa is concurrently working on his Apple TV+ series See, which films in Canada)

As of right now we don’t know too much about the plot of Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom, though obviously the story will pick up after the events of the first movie, which saw the Jason Momoa character become King of Atlantis. Of course, one of the kingdoms he is meant to rule over is The Lost Kingdom, and given the title of the sequel it seems fair to assume that the story will be focusing a good deal of attention on that unexplored undersea mystery.

While filming is starting now, fans will have a little while to wait before getting the opportunity to see the developing blockbuster – which is presently dated for release on December 16, 2022. To help aid your patience, check out our Upcoming DC Movies guide to discover all of the titles from the comic book franchise set to come out between now and then.

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