Dwayne Johnson Explains That Viral 3:45 A.M. Workout Post

I'm not sure it's too controversial to say that Dwayne Johnson is one of the hardest working guys in Hollywood. Before the pandemic his Instagram feed was full of pictures of him standing on runways, leaving one film shoot, and frequently heading straight to another. If not that, then he's at home reading scripts and getting on the phone in his role as a producer. With everything the man has going on in his life, you wonder when he finds time to sleep, and it turns out that, in some cases, he doesn't.

Dwayne Johnson recently appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live where guest host Anthony Anderson asked him about a viral Instagram post that showed him awake at 3:45 AM and starting his day. While it seems that Johnson doesn't usually get up quite that early to start working out, on that particular day, he came to the conclusion that sleep just wasn't going to happen, so he figured, why wait? The Rock says...

Because, it was one of those nights, I couldn’t chop my brain off. I didn’t want to drink tequila like you and Guillermo have been drinking all day! So at about 3:45 I said, ‘Well, let me go down and let me start my day off right. Let me jump into this workout.’ Every once and awhile you get those wild hairs, you know?

I've certainly had those days when I got up early because I couldn't sleep. Those days don't involve hitting the gym, as they likely do here, they should, but they don't. A lot of us have probably been there, laying awake in bed, trying to sleep but unable to do so because something is on our mind. Maybe next time we'll all follow Dwayne Johnson's example and go work out. It certainly wouldn't hurt. If you didn't see the original post, check it out below.

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This photo came after DC's Black Adam had already wrapped filming, so if Dwayne Johnson was going to take a break and maybe relax a bit, before jumping into the media blitz to promote Jungle Cruise, which opens next week, you'd think this would be where he might do that. And yet, it just really doesn't seem like rest is something that The Rock knows how to do.

Of course, that's a good thing for fans, because if you love Dwayne Johnson, there's always something new on the horizon. After Jungle Cruise he'll hit Netflix later this year in Red Notice, and if you can't even wait for his next movie, that's ok. He'll show up this week on an episode of Behind the Attraction, the new Disney+ series, where he'll talk about Disneyland's iconic Jungle Cruise, before he appears in the movie that's inspired by it..

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