Dev Patel in The Green Knight

Last year countless movies were delayed as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Aside from massive Marvel blockbusters, David Lowery's The Green Knight is another, and fans are eager to see how the Pete's Dragon filmmaker put his spin on the medieval blockbuster. The movie will follow Dev Patel as King Arthur's nephew Sir Gawain as he sets off on an epic adventure. The Green Knight recently screened for the first time, and fans can't stop thirsting over Patel.

Dev Patel first became known for his acclaimed performance in Slumdog Millionaire, before going on to other projects like The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel and Chappie. But it seems that The Green Knight will see the 31 year-old actor become a bonafide R-rated sex symbol, as those lucky enough to see an early screening can't stop talking about how handsome he is. As one journalist posted on Twitter,

While The Green Knight seemingly has a ton going for it, but it seems that much of the conversation is surrounding just how attractive Dev Patel looks in his latest role. And since Game of Thrones has been gone for a few years, the audiences are thirsty for some new medieval heart throbs. Luckily, Patel seems prepared to do just that.

Indeed, there is something dreamy about long-haired Medieval characters that are both deadly and attractive. We've seen this trope play out countless times over the years, although Dev Patel is helping to break ground as an actor of Indian descent. Although when it comes to Patel's physical appearance, the discourse is primarily about what a stone cold fox the actor is. As another journalist who attended a Green Knight screening shared,

While many other early reactions got more specific about the contents of The Green Knight, Dev Patel's attractiveness seems to be an ongoing theme. One person who saw an early screening for the delayed blockbuster touched on various aspects of David Lowery's upcoming flick, while also expressing love for Patel in a...colorful way. Check it out below.

Of course, Dev Patel isn't the only familiar face that makes up the cast of The Green Knight. Joining him are other established actors, including Alicia Vikander, Joel Edgerton, and Barry Keoghan. Another journalist pointed out the pedigree of the cast, as well as the fact that they all get to give a smooch to the extremely handsome Dev Patel throughout the course of the movie's 125-minute runtime. Check it out below.

Since the internet is the way it is, there were also a ton of memes that came out as a result of Dev Patel being a total smoke show in The Green Knight. One fan took the time to poke fun at another big screen heartthrob: Dune actor Timothée Chalamet. Because with Patel finally getting the attention he deserves, some feel that Patel should be getting as much love, or more, than Chalamet. As they put it,

Luckily for moviegoers, it won't be long before they can see The Green Knight, and fall in love Dev Patel's medieval looks. The delayed blockbuster will arrive in theaters on July 30th, more than a year after its original plan. In the meantime, check out the 2021 movie release dates to plan your next movie experience.

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