Now That He’s Ripped For Borderlands With Jamie Lee Curtis, Kevin Hart Is All About Living The Shirtless Life

Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart has always been pretty confident in his own body, even enough to poke fun at himself and how somewhat vertically challenged he is. Now that he has really worked hard to tone his muscles and has gotten absolutely ripped to star in Borderlands alongside Jaime Lee Curtis and Cate Blanchett, he’s all about the no shirt life. And I don’t see many people complaining about it.

Kevin Hart’s Instagram is like a timeline of his career, positive attitude, and his toned body. It seems as though his body has come to peak muscle level now, and he’s super ready to show it off shirtless. In a recent Instagram post, Hart is looking rock solid at the beach, and even throws out a “fuck shirts” hashtag to really drive his newfound lifestyle home. You can check him (and the post) out below:

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The short caption on the photo is followed by a string of hashtags, and it’s pretty clear Kevin Hart is feeling himself and relaxing. He’s had a hell of a couple years, and his shredded abs are evidence of just how hard he’s worked. His full-blown muscles have come just under two years post car accident, where Hart had to basically learn to walk all over again. Besides training to get himself back to 100%, he’s also been putting out film after film after his recovery. Needless to say, Hart’s rockstar vibes have been well earned.

Fans are all over Kevin Hart’s peak progress, a lot having followed his recovery and training posts, and are super supportive in the comments. Of course, some jokes about baby oil have got to be had, because those abs are glistening in the shade. Hart’s own trainer who helped him learn to walk again and build up those muscles is in the comments, asking if a whole bottle of oil was used for the photo.

While fans may be drooling over Kevin Hart, none are doing so more than the comedic actor’s own wife. Wifey Hart is in the comments front and center hyping up and supporting her husband in the best way, and fans are loving this dynamic as well.

Kevin Hart’s well-deserved “flex summer” is coming shortly after having wrapped up filming on Borderlands and The Man From Toronto as well as the TV mini-series True Story, not to mention the release of Fatherhood, which topped Netflix’s Top 10 list on Father’s Day weekend. I honestly can’t fathom how this man has the time to have a beach day, let alone a beach summer, because he has even more projects coming up.

The Jumanji star has a number of projects announced for the future, including a film adaptation of the board game Monopoly and Ride Along 3. He also is acting as a producer on a number of his upcoming projects. The man is a beast if you only look at the feats he is accomplishing in his professional career, and when you consider he is spending time getting ripped and relearning how to walk, along with being a family man….I’m honestly overwhelmed just thinking about it. If not wearing a shirt makes all that easier for him, the man is welcome to never wear a shirt again.

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