Kevin Hart Shares Heartfelt Response After Landing Major Deal With Netflix

Hobbs and Shaw Kevin Hart crouched on a plane

In a world where theatrical releases are in a bit of a standstill (unless the studio in question is Universal), streaming is looking more and more like the place to be. Adam Sandler helped pave the way for other comedians to partake in such a career option, and now Kevin Hart looks like the latest big ticket talent headed to the Netflix lot. Even better, the wildly popular comic actor has shared this news with the world, complete with a heartfelt response after landing the deal.

Committing to a four picture deal with Netflix, Kevin Hart is now in the business of original content for the big red streamer. So in celebration of the announcement, Hart took to his Instagram to get a little thankful for the road ahead. The text of his message read thusly:

Excited about this new chapter for myself & my company. I am beyond blessed and thankful for my team at HartBeat Productions....I truly believe in our ability to make global films that will make a lasting impact in cinema history for years to come. We are just getting started people. Heartbeat Productions...It’s all about the ‘We’ not the ‘Me.’

It's a perfect time for Kevin Hart to strike a big deal in the name of his career, as he’s recently completed a movie that totally kicked his butt. With The Man From Toronto wrapped and ready to move into post-production, Hart won’t have to freeze in the cold wilds of Canada, or pal around with Woody Harrelson on early morning shoots anymore (presumably). But who knows where the future will take him from this point?

Taking special care to note his “ability to make global films” in his new Netflix contract, we could see Kevin Hart making a play for projects that are a bit larger in scope. As if The Man From Toronto wasn’t enough of a leap for the multifaceted star and creator, Hart might see a huge leap forward with this Netflix commitment. In which case, he should probably take extra care to think about where he wants to go on vacation before committing to his streaming future.

While we might not know when Kevin Hart’s Netflix era will start, we do know that The Man From Toronto is set to debut in theaters on September 21, 2021. But if movie theaters are operating full steam ahead, there’s bound to be plenty of competition making a play for box office glory. So you should probably check our 2021 release schedule, and see who else will try to take the crown from Kevin Hart for that particular weekend. And as always, keep checking back with CinemaBlend for the latest in movie news.

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