How HGTV's Property Brothers Helped Kevin Hart Thank The Trainer Who Was Vital To His Recovery After Accident

Kevin Hart

Hollywood is full of celebrities that have set themselves up as unapproachable to anyone looking to have a good day, though it can thankfully be just as easy to find kind celebrities among the jaded ones. Kevin Hart is one of Hollywood’s most popular comedic actors, on top of being just an all around nice guy. It was no laughing matter when Hart was in a pretty serious accident almost two years ago, though, but he has his trainer to thank for his fairly quick and impressive recovery. Hart, being the great guy he is, gave a huge thank you to his trainer for helping him walk again after the accident, and HGTV’s Property Brothers stars helped in a big way.

Despite Kevin Hart sustaining some pretty serious back injuries in his car accident, he recovered with the quickness and has not only been back to work, but he's even finished a couple of projects since then. His relatively rapid return to healthy model happened thanks to his hard work under the direction of trainer Ron “Boss” Everline, and according to Today, the Borderlands star gifted Everline with a home renovation courtesy of Jonathan and Drew Scott and their Celebrity IOU series.

The span of time following his car accident was very emotional for Kevin Hart, and having someone like Boss to be there with him along that trying journey was very meaningful on an emotional level, as well as on a physical level as his body healed. Over the course of his recovery, Hart posted a number of times about how grateful he's been for his trainer, but words were clearly not quite enough to fully express Hart's appreciation for the man who helped him be able to walk again.

Teaming up with the Property Brothers stars Jonathan and Drew Scott, Kevin Hart transformed Boss’ backhouse into a space the trainer can retreat to in his time off as a man cave of sorts. Celebrity IOU's renovation team will also be replacing the floors in the backhouse, as well as in the kitchen. This renovation is just one of many that the Scott brothers are helping out with as they give celebrities the opportunity to give back to the people in their lives that really deserve it.

Viewers will be able to see Kevin Hart and the home renovation gurus tear up that backhouse in order to transform it into a brand new space, all in a build-up to the big reveal when Hart gifts the renovated space to Boss. The new space will include a "barber shop" that Hart has helped design, which is in honor of how the two men met. If Boss is anything like Hart, the renovation is bound to make for an emotional moment between the two friends.

Kevin Hart’s episode of Celebrity IOU premieres on HGTV on Monday, July 5th at 9:00 p.m. ET. Those without cable will be able to stream the episode same-day on Discovery+.

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