See A Shirtless Adam Driver Turn Into A Centaur In New Ad, Because Why Not

Adam Driver as Kylo Ren in Star Wars: A Rise of Skywalker

Adam Driver is best known as the face of Kylo Ren from the Star Wars movies; a lightsaber-wielding villain-turned-martyr in the recent trilogy. He’s also played an eccentric and emotionally unstable boyfriend in HBO’s Girls and the guy in the popular Marriage Story meme punching a hole through a wall in anger. But today, Adam Driver is a graceful centaur in a sensual fragrance advertisement, and you know what? This just feels right.

The 37-year-old actor is the focus of a Burberry commercial that has him becoming the face of a new men’s fragrance set to be launched next month. Check out Adam Driver become a mythical creature in the ad and agree that you too want him cast in a whole movie about it:

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The commercial is just under 30 seconds long, as it has Adam Driver running along a beach and swimming in the ocean when a horse begins swimming beside him. He grabs onto the horse, and suddenly he is seen morphing into a centaur briefly before Driver’s voice introduces the new product Burberry Hero.

If you’re asking yourself whether you or the Kylo Ren to your Rey will also transform into a hot centaur in front of your eyes if you buy it... well, probably not. But the scent is reportedly made up of bergamot, black pepper, juniper berry, atlas cedar, himalayan cedar and virginia cedar. Plus, the ad also brought this picture of Adam Driver into the world:

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Ok, so Adam Driver must be applying for America’s next heartthrob with this campaign, and there’s an odd fantasy spin on it. Just a couple days ago, the announcement was made that Driver would be the face of Burberry Hero, to which he shared that he was “very happy” to be a part of that.

The fragrance campaign will definitely please fans of Kylo Ren as his finale drifts further away, with The Rise of Skywalker reaching its two-year anniversary in December. Adam Driver is gearing up for a busy second half of the year with his rock opera Annette coming out this August. The movie recently premiered at Cannes Film Festival to a standing ovation that went on so long that Driver was spotted lighting a cigarette amidst the praise.

Also, Adam Driver will be the star of The Last Duel alongside Ben Affleck, Matt Damon and Killing Eve’s Jodie Comer. The movie, which comes out in October and was directed by Ridley Scott, will follow a duel to the death between a knight and squire in Medieval France. Driver will end the year out with Scott’s House of Gucci alongside Lady Gaga and Al Pacino, coming in November. These days, Adam Driver does very much seem to be the “hero,” so why not have a fragrance to remind us?

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