Lizzo Can't Stop Making Jokes About Her Chris Evans DMs After Her Fans Ask For An Update

Chris Evans as Captain America in Avengers: Infinity War and Lizzo in Juice music video
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Remember when Lizzo slid into the DMs of Marvel’s own Captain America, Chris Evans? Well, if you’re just tuning into the saga, the “Juice” singer took to TikTok in April to hilariously share that she had drunkenly messaged the actor on Instagram the night before as a PSA not to “drink and DM.” It all went viral when she revealed that Evans had responded to her message, saying he was a fan of her music. Three months later, fans are still into the pairing, and Lizzo is playing along.

The 33-year-old music sensation took to TikTok to answer a fan who suggested that Lizzo might be pregnant with Chris Evans’ baby, and it includes the Captain America theme music. Check it:


Lizzo kept the fireworks going between her and Chris Evans with a comedic post sharing with her fans that even though she’s been trying to keep the news personal, she’s been “sucking it in” and is expecting a “lil America.” She’s obviously joking, but it’s another great moment from this bit that just won’t quit.

Following the DM Lizzo sent to Chris Evans, which she later deleted, Evans messaged her back over Instagram saying there was “no shame” in a drunk DM and then followed her back. Later on, Lizzo shared a blink-and-miss screenshot of a further conversation with her and the Knives Out actor in another TikTok. Fans have been very supportive of the idea of Lizzo nabbing the Marvel alum since the post that started it all:


Chris Evans took a friendly approach to the situation, sharing some sympathy after nude photos of the actor allegedly leaked during a video upload fail that involved his phone’s camera roll. Following the fun social media interaction, Lizzo seems like she gets a lot of asks from fans. Back in May, Lizzo referenced the moment by twerking in front of a Hollywood Blvd Captain America too:


Lizzo’s most recent video about her “lil America” also calls out a fan for insinuating that she is pregnant just because she’s not stick thin. The rapper, singer and flautist has been vocal about promoting body positivity since she hit the music scene, and also goes on TikTok to share her thoughts on topics like internet shaming. Lizzo often takes to social media to flaunt her body, and once Tom Hanks’ son Chet Hanks even referenced Evans by shooting his shot if “it don’t work out w/ Captain America.”

The “Truth Hurts” artist is working on her next album, while Chris Evans works on Netflix's The Gray Man with Ryan Gosling and Avengers: Endgame filmmakers Joe and Anthony Russo. We'll keep you apprised on more major updates concerning both celebrities.

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