Fun Throwback Video Shows Katherine Schwarzenegger Nearly Choosing Chris Evans As The Best Chris Before Meeting Pratt

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Who says true love doesn’t exist? It certainly seems to in Katherine Schwarzenegger and Chris Pratt’s case. The two have been married for two years and have been pretty much inseparable since. Before they met though, Schwarzenegger apparently almost chose another Chris over her now husband in The Great Chris Debate. Sorry, Chris Evans, but a fun throwback clearly shows Schwarzenegger choosing Pratt at the last minute - you almost had it, though!

Even though they’ve been married for two years and share a child together, Katherine Schwarzenegger has apparently had her eye on Chris Pratt for a lot longer. In a posted throwback interview with Access Hollywood, Schwarzenegger was asked to weigh in on the ongoing debate of “best Chris,” which is when the moment in question occurred. Check out the Instagram post with the interview down below:

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Honestly, this is pretty adorable, and it really shows just how long Katherine Schwarzenegger was crushing on Chris Pratt. Her knee-jerk reaction to the question of “Best Chris” was Chris Evans but, after a moment of thought, she went with Pratt. While it may be argued that he was an afterthought, it really didn’t seem to take much convincing for Schwarzenegger to change her immediate answer.

What’s kind of crazy about the clip, though, is that Katherine Schwarzenegger ends her answer with an almost psychic “You never know.” But apparently, the universe knew, because it slapped the two together for a pretty picture-perfect relationship.

It has to be pretty satisfying and heartwarming for Chris Pratt to know that his wife had picked him over men like Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth far before they even met, because they aren’t exactly easy men to beat on that front. One fan in the comments of the seems to be thinking along the same lines, they related the video back to when Pratt starred Parks and Rec and his character, Andy, told on-screen wife April that she had had a crush on him back in the day and that it must be embarrassing for her. April responded with, “We’re married,” before Andy then said, “Still.”

Chris Pratt's sense of humor falls right in line with that of Andy's, so I wouldn't be surprised if such a conversation actually played out between him and real-life hubby Katherine Schwarzenegger. And let's be honest, many enjoy Pratt's sense of humor, so that may have been one reason his wife was drawn to him in the first place.

While there still is some friendly competition in the whole “which Chris is the best Chris” argument, this may be the only real win Chris Pratt cares about, because he ended up getting the girl! Chris Evans still has his dogs, though, and that’s awesome, too!

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