Beyoncé’s Mom Said Disney+ May Have Done Poor Job Advertising For Black Is King On Purpose, Then Changed Her Mind

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Moms can be your biggest champions in those huge moments. Tina Knowles Lawson has always hyped up her daughter Beyoncé’s works since her Destiny’s Child days. So, celebrating Black is King’s first anniversary was no exception. While she remained mostly celebratory, she took a moment to call out Disney+ for doing a poor advertising job. But after some time, Knowles Lawson changed her mind about her opinion and deleted the post.

Like any mother, Tina Knowles Lawson is seemingly all about making sure her children get their just due. That’s why she took to her Instagram (via Atlanta Black Star) to congratulate her eldest daughter’s achievement with the Disney+ film. Knowles Lawson praised Black is King’s power and impact on its first anniversary. But Beyoncé’s mother took an unexpected, eye-opening turn. The fashion designer said about the House of Mouse’s lack of promotion:

Everything about it was stellar And was watched and praised by millions. I cannot help but wonder if a white man had made it would it not have been promoted the hell out of, and nominated for all kinds of awards. Could it have something to do with the title Black Is King Is that why Disney did not promote it?????? Yes, I said it!!! With love.

Tina Knowles Lawson’s switch in tone threw many followers off. Everything seemed perfect from the viewers’ standpoint. Black is King appeared to be properly promoted as it took over Disney+ and had ample internet and television advertising. The film came as a surprise to many fans, which follows Beyoncé’s tactics in recent years.

But Tina Knowles Lawson was perhaps alluding to the film not being recognized by major award shows such as the Golden Globes and this years' Primetime Emmys. The Disney+ film was seen as an important cultural and cinematic moment. The snubs were even more puzzling after the film received critical acclaim. It did receive recognition for the music content, which won two Grammy Awards. The matriarch felt her daughter’s race played a role in the film not being taken seriously by television and film gatekeepers. But it seemed Beyoncé’s mom reconsidered her thoughts.

She later came back to her Instagram and changed her entire caption. Tina Knowles Lawson’s new caption just celebrated the film’s anniversary while encouraging her followers to watch Black is King. To see Knowles Lawson’s new take on Beyoncé’s film, watch her updated post below:

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It appeared that Beyoncé’s mom’s initial post was just a mom wanting her daughter’s work to be properly recognized by Hollywood. Being the woman she is, Tina Knowles Lawson had time to think about her words and come back with a more mature take. She didn’t want her opinion to take away from Black is King’s first anniversary. Knowles Lawson still wanted to keep Beyonce’s relationship with Disney intake if future efforts were to arise.

While the award snubs may upset Tina Knowles Lawson, she was able to recognize that art will speak for itself despite who does or doesn’t revere it. The film’s impact and influence are still being felt a year after its release. To see why Beyoncé’s mom went so hard for her daughter, check out Black is King streaming on Disney+ right now.

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