The Rock Just Detailed All The Injuries He’s Dealt With Over The Years And Ouch

Dwayne Johnson at the controls during a rainy spell in Jungle Cruise.

Even though he may play gods or god-like figures, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson still gets injured, just like the rest of us mortals. It’s certainly expected to happen when the former WWE wrestler continues to take on roles that require a lot of action, even ones like Skipper Frank in Disney’s Jungle Cruise. But after a recent interview saw Johnson run through even a slight history of injuries he’s sustained over the years, it’s enough to leave anyone reading say “ouch.”

Through one of Wired’s trademark interviews involving the most frequently asked questions pertaining to whomever’s in the hot seat, Jungle Cruise star Dwayne Johnson got to recount his football injuries in modest detail. But even in the cleaned up version without any gory details, it’s clear the man’s gone through quite a bit in his past career. Which also gave his co-star Emily Blunt a perfect chance to display that Jungle Cruise chemistry that helped their film sail to the top of the box office:

The Rock: I’ve had many. I’ve had a complete shoulder separation here that required complete reconstruction on my shoulder. I’ve had five knee surgeries from football and a torn achilles.Blunt: That’s why you have a fake leg.The Rock: No, I don’t have a fake leg. No, all my legs are real.

I’m not sure about anyone else, but the shoulder separation feels like that Dwayne Johnson injury that sticks out the most. Especially when the word “reconstruction” comes into play shortly after he mentions it. Though recent stories of tasting his own blood at the gym and tearing down security gates in order to continue work on other projects such as Black Adam have kept things intriguing in the recent past, these memories come close to taking the cake.

Of course, the rundown that The Rock gave us above isn’t even the full monty when it comes to the treatments and surgeries he’s had in the past. For that sort of frank honesty, you’d have to go back a couple months, as the Jungle Cruise’s intrepid skipper actually ran through the whole lot in a social media post. In the grand scheme of things, that shoulder reconstruction might lose out to both pelvic injuries for the crown of most painful sounding injury.

Just as the man himself has said in the past, he only has one body, and he’s intent on taking care of it. But that’s not going to stop Dwayne Johnson from taking on action adventure roles, like the eventual continuation of the Hobbs and Shaw saga, or even other standalone blockbusters like Red Notice. With future productions pushing him to his limits, it can be expected that The Rock won’t be stopped, as we’ve seen through shoulders and security gates of the past.

Dwayne Johnson fans can see Jungle Cruise in theaters now, as well as through Disney+ Premier Access. Meanwhile, Red Notice is slated for release on Netflix on November 12, and Black Adam is a summer blockbuster in the making for its July 29, 2022 debut. If anyone’s going to be busier than The Rock in the next couple of years, it’s certainly going to be his fans.

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