Dwayne Johnson Shares Red Notice's Netflix Release Date With Classy Still Featuring Ryan Reynolds And Gal Gadot

For as much as Dwayne Johnson has praised, teased, and hyped the world up about his big Netflix movie Red Notice, there’s been one important piece of information constantly missing: the release date. We knew that the film, co-starring Ryan Reynolds and Gal Gadot, was going to be debuting at some point in late 2021-- but exactly when has been a mystery. But now the case is cracked, as Johnson shared the release date for Red Notice in a social media post that includes classy still featuring The Rock and his fellow co-stars.

With his typical flair for showmanship and marketing savvy, Dwayne Johnson went on Twitter and dropped Red Notice’s latest promo still, as well as the release date of November 12th. Showing himself and Ryan Reynolds in tuxedos, with Gal Gadot in between them wearing a stunning red gown, Johnson released this image into the wild. Touting Netflix’s new film as its “biggest movie ever,” the accompanying image sells that point rather well.

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It’s been no secret that Dwayne Johnson is pretty proud of Red Notice, and what it represents for Netflix’s blockbuster aspirations. Re-teaming Johnson with his Skyscraper director Rawson Marshall Thurber, it certainly feels like a big deal based on the initial footage we’ve seen from the film. But surely Dwayne Johnson couldn’t be the only Red Notice star to have something to say on social media, right?

Just when you thought it was safe to open Twitter, fellow blockbuster star and snark factory Ryan Reynolds also shared that very same Red Notice photo. But his message was very much different from Dwayne Johnson’s, as Reynolds chose to indulge in the comedy half of this action-comedy team-up. All this, and some well-earned praise for Gal Gadot, can be found in Ryan Reynolds’ big Red Notice tweet.

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Explosive action, dominant spending, and quick-witted humor are all a part of Red Notice’s potentially winning formula. So it’s no wonder that a November release date would be in the cards, though that does leave one more question to ponder. With Netflix’s experimenting in the world of wide theatrical release, and a movie like Red Notice on their books, could we see Dwayne Johnson, Ryan Reynolds, and Gal Gadot’s gigantic action-comedy on the big screen?

It’s definitely something to think about, as we count down the days to when Red Notice hits Netflix on November 12th. Though if a theatrical release is in the works, there may be some competition in the world of espionage and action, as that does strike rather closely to another big film’s release date. 2021’s release schedule will give you the full picture, should you want to size up the competition.

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