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Universal Orlando Just Released More Halloween Horror Nights Details And I Want To Go Right Now

Halloween is always a great time to visit almost any theme park, but none embrace the scares quite like Universal Parks and Resorts. Halloween Horror Nights has been a mainstay at Universal Orlando Resort and Universal Studios Hollywood for three decades, and after missing out on the event last year due to the pandemic, HHN is back with a huge event this year, and they just dropped a ton of new details, include new haunted houses, scare zones, and of course, the return of the HHN tribute store.

Several Halloween Horror Nights Haunted Houses have already been revealed including ones dedicated to The Haunting of Hill House, Beetlejuice, and Texas Chainsaw Massacre. However, while it can be incredible, and terrifying, to feel like you're inside your favorite scary movie, what a lot of the HHN diehards love most is when Universal creates wholly original haunted houses. Today Universal Orlando confirmed five new original haunted houses...

Welcome to SCarey: Horror in the HeartlandCase Files Unearthed: Legendary TruthThe Wicked Growth: Realm of the PumpkinPuppet Theatre: Captive AudienceRevenge of the Tooth Fairy

Many of the general themes of the haunted houses can be derived from their names. Terrifying puppets, a vicious tooth fairy, and a murderous pumpkin patch will all be part of this year's Halloween Horror Nights. Legendary Truth will have you following a paranormal detective story like you're inside the X-Files. Longtime visitors to Horror Nights, will be familiar with the town of Carey, Ohio, a fictional town created specifically for HHN that has been the home of many original haunted houses over the years.

In addition to the haunted houses, Universal Studios Florida will be divided into five scare zones, so even if guests aren't actually inside a hunted house, there will be plenty of terrifying frights for them to experience. Crypt TV is described as the home of "iconic horror stories" so we'll likely find many of the classic Universal Monsters there. 30 Years, 30 Fears, will likely bring back different elements from the past three decades of Halloween Horror Nights. Seek and Destroy will have a science-fiction alien invasion theme. Gorewood Forest will unleash the Terra Queen, and also just has the best name. Finally, Lights, Camera, Hacktion: Eddie’s Revenge, will put you inside a literal horror movie.

But we're not done yet. Two live shows will also be part of the Halloween Horror Nights festivities. Marathon of Mayhem: Carnage Factory is a nighttime lagoon show with lights, lasers, and music hosted by the HHN icon Jack the Clown. Halloween Nightmare Fuel sounds like it will be a sort of Halloween themed Cirque du Soleil with aerialists and fire performers along with other "nocturnal creatures."

And then, of course, you can exit through the gift shop, or start there if you're really dedicated, as the Halloween Horror Nights Tribute Store will be back once again with all the related merch you could possibly want. Universal Orlando looks to be making up for lost time by making this year's Halloween Horror Nights just massive after not being able to have the popular event last year. Tickets are on sale now for individual nights or you can pick up the popular Frequent Fear Pass so you can experience HHN multiple nights over the course of the event. The fun starts September 3 and runs through Halloween night.

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