The First Time The Eternals Cast Put On The Suits Looks Impressive, Was Comically Windy

The Eternals meeting Earthlings for the first time in Marvel's Eternals

While MCU fans patiently wait for a full trailer, they can still watch The Eternals teaser trailer. The true standout scene from the trailer was seeing the cast in full Eternals garb. From the suits to the landscape, it set the tone for the upcoming film. But behind the scenes, the moment wasn’t as effortless. According to Eternals director Chloé Zhao, seeing the cast in full suits was almost ruined by some high-velocity winds.

From the first trailer, seeing the Eternals in their full suits was a moment. Of course, viewers need to thank Chloé Zhao for the epic moment. A self-professed Eternals fan, Zhao wanted to recreate a classic Marvel cover featuring the mythical guardians. The epic shot built in her mind almost went awry for her and the cast. The Nomadland director said about the pivotal moment almost being falling apart:

We had our whole cast standing on that cliff in their costumes, and we played really loud operatic music on the speaker, just blasting that through the wind. Seeing my cast coming together in formation as the Eternals, with the beauty of this ancient-looking landscape, and the ocean and the sky, that was… [laughs]I mean, I couldn’t stand because I felt like I was getting lifted by the wind. But other than that, it was pretty awesome

Knowing the elements were against Zhao and the cast that day made the trailer even more epic. The windy day made the Eternals’ assemblage in the teaser more dramatic and otherworldly. If Chloé Zhao hadn’t talked about the weather conditions, you would’ve thought special effects or a powerful fan created the scene. But as the Oscar winner pointed out, the whole affair ended up awesome. The scene didn’t just speak to the director.

Despite the windy atmosphere, the moment turned out excellently not only for Chloé Zhao but for the cast as well. Trying on the Eternal costume left an impression on Druig himself Barry Keoghan. The Green Knight star told Entertainment Weekly about the cast standing together for the first time:

I was the last one to get into costume. When I arrived and put it on for the first time, it was kind of nice to walk out and see the rest of the cast’s reaction. They were like, ‘Whoa!’ It’s a weird feeling to see yourself like that. As soon as you put the boots on, your posture transforms. You definitely notice how your whole demeanor and everything just changes.

The whole change in one’s persona is understandable given the nature of Marvel’s legacy and mythology. Having Barry Keoghan recall all the cast members’ reactions lifted the MCU’s secret veil. His recollection seemed to come from a Marvel fan getting to live out their fanboy dreams.

Knowing more about that standout moment only built up the film’s hype. At least, Chloé Zhao finally saw her vision come to life. Marvel fans will have to wait until Marvel’s Eternals arrives in theaters on Nov. 5 to see all the cast suited up on the big screen.

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