Cruella: After Emma Stone’s Sequel Deal, The Movie Is Returning To Disney+ For All Subscribers (And Soon)

Cruella de Vil relishing in her madcap behavior as she is being interviewed by Anita Darling in Cruella

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Streaming new movies from home has become more common as theaters were shuttered and moviegoers were socially distancing for over a year. Of course, this strategy hasn’t sat well with some in Hollywood, but at least people have been able to still see films at their convenience. Cruella was one of the films dealing with the film industry’s new hybrid model. Fortunately, the plan worked out, with Cruella 2 in the works. Now, word has come out the Disney origin story will be heading back to streaming sooner rather than later.

Disney has announced that Cruella will start streaming once again when it comes back to Disney+ on August 27. This is major news for Disney+ subscribers who didn’t get to catch the film on the streamer the first time around. Originally the Disney crime comedy was released exclusively through Disney+’s Premier Access for $29.99, in addition to its theatrical release. Just like the film’s first time on the streamer, Cruella will be exclusively available on Disney+, so if you want to catch the movie there, make sure you're subscribed to the Mouse House's streaming service.

Before coming back to Disney+, Cruella was already available in other countries to streams. The Disney origin story has been on other streaming platforms where Disney+ wasn’t available. International fans have been viewing the Disney film at their leisure for months, so it coming back to Disney+ was inevitable for all moviegoers to see.

While Disney+ will be its exclusive home, Cruella will be seen by more viewers. That will only be better for the news surrounding the upcoming sequel. As soon as the film started raking in huge box office returns, talks of Cruella 2 were already in motion. Of course, the sequel did hit a minor bump as Emma Stone paid attention to Scarlett Johansson’s current lawsuit against Disney. She reportedly spoke with Disney about returning for the sequel. Eventually things were worked out dealing with Stone’s compensation, as official news broke about Cruella 2 moving forward.

Outside of Emma Stone’s return for Cruella 2, the all-star cast has been advocating for the sequel. Cast members such as Kirby Howell-Baptiste have spoken on where they want to see their characters go in the upcoming sequel. Maybe Cruella de Vil will evolve the same way Maleficent did in her films (or maybe not). Hopefully, the actors will have the natural progression they all want when the sequel’s script is finalized.

Despite all the raging debate over theatrical versus streaming releases, Cruella is finally making its way back to Disney+. So film enthusiasts who couldn’t see the movie in theaters or didn't shell out for the Premier Access... access can now get ready to see the film from the comfort of their couch. That just proved the sequel news was more than reasonable despite Stone’s commitment to other films. Once again, Cruella will return to Disney+ on August 27, as well as arriving on DVD and Blu-ray on September 21.

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