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Disneyland's Halloween Event Is Bringing A Popular New MCU Villain To The Party

Katherine Hahn as Agatha in WandaVision

There are a lot of people for whom Halloween is the most important holiday of the year. You likely are one of those people or you know those people. If you're a lover of both Halloween and theme parks, then you're in luck because all the parks have their special themed events. Universal does its insanely popular Halloween Horror Nights in both Florida and California. Disney World has Mickey's Boo Bash, and Disneyland Resort has the Oogie Boogie bash at Disney California Adventure. The event is returning after taking 2020 off due to Disneyland's closure, and this event promises to be the biggest one yet, as it will include some all new Disney villains, including WandaVision's Agatha Harkness.

Disneyland and Disney World's Halloween events have always been celebrations of popular Disney villains, and while all the classics will certainly be there, a new video, posted by reporter Scott Gustin, reveals that this year's event will include three characters we haven't seen in the Disney Parks before. Sid from Toy Story will be there, a version of Cruella de Vil inspired specifically by Emma Stone's performance in Cruella will also be on hand. But perhaps the most surprising, and the most exciting will be the appearance of Agatha Harkness, who's reveal was done here absolutely perfectly. Check it out.

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Needless to say, this is pretty awesome. Disney California Adventure is the home of Avengers Campus, and so it makes some sense to get some Marvel villains appearing as part of the special Halloween event. Thus far, Agatha is the only new Marvel villain confirmed for the event, but one certainly wonders if we could see more. Avengers Campus didn't exist the last time this event happened, so how it will be worked into the party remains to be see, but an Avengers Campus full of Marvel villains rather than heroes sounds like the perfect way to do it.

Of course, for that to happen we'll need to see a lot more Marvel villains announced for the event. While there are a lot of costumed Marvel heroes who make appearances at Avengers Campus, only Taskmaster and Loki, if you currently count Loki, have appeared in the park up to this point, so any other Marvel villain appearances would be all new. The fact that Agatha Harkness is becoming a character at Disneyland shows just how popular she is.

The other new villain additions will likely be fun as well. Sid will be found on Pixar Pier, and maybe he'll have some of her terrifying toy creations with him. And seeing a live-action version of Cruella de Vil is perfect to. The version from the animated 101 Dalmatians could sometimes be found at Disneyland, and she'll probably be around in that park during the Halloween season as well, but the live-action version would fit at Disney California Adventure a little better. And with the recent confirmation that Cruella 2 is happening, this version of the character isn't going anywhere.

Unfortunately, if the addition of Agatha Harkness just got you really excited for the Oogie Boogie Bash, and you don't already have a ticket, you're out of luck. The event is completely sold out.

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