The King’s Man Red Band Trailer Has Gadgets, Violence, And A Decapitation

After seven release date changes, amid an already tumultuous year of box office shuffling, director Matthew Vaughn’s The King’s Man is ready to rumble. The prequel to the smash hit franchise known as Kingsman, this latest adventure takes audiences back to where it all began. And now, we have another new look at what’s about to happen, thanks to the movie’s first Red Band trailer; which looks like a bloody good time, complete with a decapitation.

Set during the formation of the legendary intelligence operation from Mark Millar’s graphic novels, World War I is the backdrop for the action of The King’s Man. As Orlando Oxford (Ralph Fiennes) and his protégé, Conrad (Harris Dickenson) wade through a conspiracy to tip the world stage off balance, they’ll have to use their wits to stay ahead of the game. Though there’ll definitely be some help from fellow agents, played by Gemma Arterton and Djimon Hounsou.

Part of that villainous plot is being executed by one of history’s most infamous figures, none other than Grigori Rasputin (Rhys Ifans) himself. And as you see in The King’s Man trailer above, the trademark pairing of wit and profanity that Kingsman worked so brilliantly with is still on display in this new film, as Rasputin's crudeness with the Duke of Oxford is met with a pithy rejoinder. Though should that not be enough, Djimon Hounsou expertly beheading a man, or Gemma Arterton telling people to “stop fucking about” certainly draw that particular blade to a finer point.

But of course, amidst Ralph Fiennes trading pleasantries with his enemies and montages of getting suited and booted, The King’s Man does give the audience something else to talk about: action. Everything from running through the trenches of war, to gadgets like swords with miniature guns in them, spices up our latest look at Matthew Vaughn’s latest expansion of the Kingsman universe. Plus, if you were at the New York Comic Con panel for The King's Man back in 2019, you’ll notice portions of that impressive Rasputin sword fight are included to seal the deal.

Emboldened by the success of Free Guy in theaters, 20th Century Studios is doubling down on The King’s Man being a theatrical experience. And from what they’ve shown us previously, as well as in this Red Band extravaganza, it looks like another decision that’s paid off. Oh, and if you’re a 3D fan, it looks like you’ll get to see the blood, gadgets, and heads flying off the screen, as The King’s Man is going to have a third dimensionally enhanced version in theaters.

Looking like the perfect Christmas present for those who love its parent franchise,The King’s Man is scheduled to debut, only in theaters, on December 22nd. Though don’t limit yourself to just dreaming of the future, as there’s some more immediate thrills that await on the 2021 release schedule! So take a look, and remember that whether it’s heading out for an adventure, or just seeing a film at a theater near you, manners maketh moviegoers.

Mike Reyes
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