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In The Heights’ Corey Hawkins Is Reportedly Joining Another Movie Musical, And Sign Me Up

Corey Hawkins Gregory Diaz IV and Anthony Ramos hang out at the counter in In The Heights.

This summer, actor Corey Hawkins got to show off some impressive vocal range with his performance as Benny, in the film adaptation of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s In The Heights. It would seem that this experience has Hawkins ready to reportedly step into the world of musicals again, as he’s apparently been offered a role in another Warner Bros musical adaptation. This time, Corey Hawkins might be stepping into the world of the iconic drama The Color Purple.

Apparently, Hawkins has been courting the cinematic version of the hit Broadway musical for some time. Now, with Deadline reporting that he’s closer to accepting, there’s even news of who the In The Heights star could be playing. Should the notion in this report be true, Corey Hawkins is up to play the role of Harpo, a complex character that’s endured through both Alice Walker’s source novel, and the adaptations that have tackled its subject matter.

Cinematically, the role of Harpo was previously played by Willard Pugh in the 1985 Steven Spielberg adaptation. Eventually, in the 2005 Broadway musical, this particular version of the character was originated by Hamilton and Jesus Christ Superstar Live! alum Brandon Victor Dixon. Now, Corey Hawkins is set to leave his stamp on The Color Purple’s legacy, with 2023 looking to be the year we’ll see the results.

That’s not where the impressive roster ends when it comes to bringing this modern musical marvel to life. Director Blitz Bazawule, best known for his work on the Beyoncé musical experience Black Is King, is helming the project, with writer Marcus Gardley adapting the show for the screen. With the original film including a cast that boasted Whoopi Goldberg, Oprah Winfrey, and Danny Glover, among other notables, it’s exciting to think of who could join Corey Hawkins in this new musical endeavor.

Obviously, it’s still early days in the casting process for The Color Purple, but already things are off to an exciting start. With Warner Bros. more than likely aiming for 2024’s awards season with this fresh take on an American classic, Corey Hawkins will find himself in good company sooner rather than later. And every step of the way will lead to what is looking like a cultural event that’ll excite audiences worldwide.

The Color Purple is currently slated to open on December 22, 2023; which is admittedly still a ways off. If you’re looking for some excitement closer to the present day, check out not only the 2021 release schedule for what this year still has in store, but also the 2022 slate for the near future. And for all of you Corey Hawkins fans waiting to watch In The Heights at home, the movie is currently available for rental and purchase on Digital HD, with physical copies landing on shelves August 31st.

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