Walt Disney World Released The Prices For Its New Annual Passes And They're Not Cheap

When theme parks around the world shut down in March of 2020 it was a big deal for anybody that was planning a trip, and for those who owned annual passes and visited their favorite parks frequently, it really changed things. While the parks were closed, Disneyland actually ended its annual pass program, refunding everybody any outstanding balance, and starting fresh recently with the new Magic Key program. While Disney World didn't go quite that far, it did cease selling new annual passes, but now the resort has announced that new passes will be going on sale soon. Great news? Well, they're not quite the same, and they're definitely not the same price.

Today, Walt Disney World revealed the four new tiers of Annual Pass, The Incredi-Pass, the top of the line option, and the only one available to most guests, will go for $1299, though it doesn't include any blackout dates. The step down is the Sorcerer Pass, which is available to Florida residents or members of the Disney Vacation Club. That pass will cost $899, but will include some blackout dates. The next two levels are only available to residents of the state of Florida, and include more blackout dates. The Pirate Pass will go for $699 and the Pixie Dust Pass will go for $399.

Each pass will, like the new Magic Key options at Disneyland, come with a different number of Park Pass reservations that can be held at one time. They'll also include parking and discounts on food and merchandise. However, there are also some additional costs associated. Previously there were versions of the Annual Pass that included things like PhotoPass or access to the water parks. Now, those things are optional add-ons to the passes.

While it's not exactly a shock that these new passes are more expensive than their predecessors, the bigger news is that, depending on the guest, the price increase is quite significant. Previously, Disney Vacation Club members could get discounts on APs. Now, they have access to a unique pass, but must pay full price for the others.

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And even if you look at the Annual Pass that is closest in price to the one you had, the fact is: things have still changed. The blackout calendar between the old and new passes is significantly different, meaning that to get the same experience as their old pass, many may need to spend a lot more money.

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As with all things, the new Annual Passes (and its pricing), will work better for some than for others. If a particular blackout calendar works for you, if the days you can't go are the days you wouldn't go anyway, you can save some money, and maybe spend it on one of the add-ons. For others it will com down to spending more than they like or not getting the pass at all. The new Annual Passes will go on sale September 8.

Dirk Libbey
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