Dwayne Johnson Responds To Viral Rock Doppelgänger

Dwayne Johnson

If there’s one person on Earth who I’d think would be impossible to recreate, it's Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. The man is pretty striking, and it has taken a hell of a lot of workouts to become who he is. Apparently he has an ever so slightly less famous doppelgänger out there though, and Johnson now knows about him and has reacted in pretty much the best way possible.

The internet always finds a way, and Dwayne Johnson’s fans made sure he was aware of his lookalike, who fights crime on a daily basis. Johnson took to his Twitter to post a side-by-side photo of himself and his police officer doppelgänger, and it’s seriously something to marvel at. Check the pair out below:

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Dwayne Johnson doesn’t seem threatened in the least by another one of himself running around, even if it does appear as if his twin is just as jacked as he is. In fact, it sounds like Johnson is trying to make friends with the creepily similar-looking police officer. Can you imagine walking into a bar and seeing these two chatting next to one another over a beer? I honestly don’t know if that is what dreams are made of or nightmares. Still, is pretty cool that someone who looks just like The Rock is out patrolling the streets for crime. Well, maybe not cool for the criminals.

Dwayne Johnson used his shoutout to his doppelgänger to thank him for his service and the wrestler-turned-A-list-actor wished the police officer safety in his work. The lookalike, who's named Eric Fields, responded to Johnson in the comments, thanking him for the kind words and encouraging the star to keep being the good example he is for people who look up to him.

Other people are going wild in the comments, with one commenter hilariously admitting that his wife doesn’t obey traffic laws in the county Eric Fields works so she has the chance of being pulled over by him. Honestly, she probably isn’t the only one guilty of this. Other fans are urging Dwayne Johnson to sign Fields up for a position as his stunt double. While I wouldn’t put it past Johnson to actually do something like this, Fields seems to enjoy his work just fine. Besides, one Rock in Hollywood is probably all it can handle.

On the other hand, having a lookalike would certainly help Dwayne Johnson divide and conquer, considering he has plenty on his plate to keep him busy. Maybe an extra set of hands would help convince him to make a WWE return or even get started on that presidential run; the possibilities of two Rocks are honestly endless.

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