No Time To Die: Has Rami Malek's Evil Plot Been Confirmed?

Rami Malek looks cooly to the side in No Time To Die.

Excitement is ramping up yet again in the weeks leading to the arrival of No Time To Die. With Daniel Craig’s final James Bond adventure set to finally debut for the viewing public, the mysteries of this new adventure will unravel in due time. Though if some new official details are to be believed, Rami Malek’s evil plot is as massive as we’d previously heard.

Even the latest trailer for No Time To Die has danced around exactly what Safin has planned to “make the world a better place.” But if you head over to the official site for Universal Pictures Korea, a roughly translated synopsis holds what feels like a huge confirmation that’s been all but spelled out in the marketing for this 007 adventure. Apparently this is the reason James Bond is brought back into active duty:

It signals the release of a new type of biochemical weapon capable of selective DNA attack.

Previously, the vague answer as to why Daniel Craig’s Bond was brought out of service has been that Jeffrey Wright’s Felix Leither has specifically requested his help. Though initial reports stated this mission was to locate missing scientist, Valdo Obruchev (David Dencik), we now seem to know the dangerous technology that he was working on. No Time To Die appears to have Safin making the biggest threat in modern Bond history, putting him in the same league as the old school SPECTRE.

Already this key seems to unlock a lot of doors when it comes to No Time To Die. Much like Mr. White before him, Ernst Stavro Blofeld (Christoph Waltz) seems to have found a villain that’s taken things a bit too far for his liking. This would explain why he’d actually aid James Bond in trying to foil Safin, who Blofeld sees as a common enemy.

We’ve seen the genetic/biological warfare angle teased through vague dialogue in No Time To Die’s trailers so far. Lashana Lynch’s Nomi tells us as much when she utters the line, “He’s going to kill millions,” and even the final trailer for the film has Ben Whishaw and Daniel Craig piecing together the potential legacy that Rami Malek’s baddie is looking to leave with the world. Maybe the reason his skills will survive his death is because this new “selective DNA attack” is something that can’t be stopped once it’s in the field.

Even with Safin’s potential Bond villain plot out in the open, No Time To Die still has some intriguing mysteries to be solved. Specifically, what exactly is the dark secret being harbored by Léa Seydoux’s Dr. Madeleine Swann, and how does it tie into the film’s overall story? September 30 is the day the UK will find out those answers, with the US being slated to catch up on October 8, as No Time To Die will see James Bond return to theaters for the first time in almost six years.

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