Machine Gun Kelly Accused Of Shoving Parking Lot Attendant While Filming His Last Movie

Machine Gun Kelly stares down a pinned Megan Fox in Midnight in the Switchgrass.

Moviemaking can, at times, be somewhat of a full contact sport. But even in the most outrageous circumstances, shoving someone when it isn’t called for by the director is seen as a no-go. So allegations of rapper turned actor Machine Gun Kelly shoving a parking lot attendant are very much a serious subject that need to be looked into. However, based on the details surrounding the supposed incident, there’s some very big questions about whether or not this shoving had actually taken place.

Per reporting coming out of TMZ, a parking lot attendant in Los Angeles filed a claim that they were allegedly physically assaulted by Machine Gun Kelly. While filming his first movie as co-director and star, Good Mourning with a U, Kelly was in the midst of retrieving his car, and became impatient about the matter. In the events reported by the lot attendant, this led to the shoving, which resulted in no injuries, and apparently had no witnesses to speak of.

However, the story surrounding this alleged event has been conflicted by several members on the set of Good Mourning with a U. Furthermore, according to the word of crew members for the film, the most that Machine Gun Kelly did was yell at the parking lot attendant, and the two were not engaged in physical contact. The shouting match was supposedly due to the attendant yelling at another crew member, as they were supposedly unaware there was a film shoot in progress.

As if to further complicate matters, it’s been mentioned that the parking lot attendant in question waited a week before filing this police report. So the validity of these claims from the Good Mourning with a U set will undoubtedly need to be researched all the more thoroughly. But so far, no one from Machine Gun Kelly’s crew has spoken out in verification of these serious allegations.

Never one to hide their feelings, Machine Gun Kelly is an outspoken individual (and even that is a bit of an understatement). With his first film behind the camera underway, which also includes directing his real-life girlfriend Megan Fox, there has to be some pressure on the set of Good Mourning with a U. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it rose above the level of a shouting match. We’re going to have to wait to hear more about what potential details arise from these allegations, as the matter is still being looked into at the moment.

At the moment, there’s no set release date expected for Good Mourning with a U. In the meantime, you can see Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox acting together in Midnight in the Switchgrass; which is currently available to rent or buy on VOD. And if you want to take a look at what other movies are headed your way throughout the rest of this year, check out our 2021 release schedule to get those details.

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