Halloween Kills’ Jamie Lee Curtis Shares Bloody New Photo Of The Strode Women

Karen (Judy Greer) and Laurie (Jamie Lee Curtis) look frightened in 'Halloween'

When Halloween Kills hits theaters this fall, it will mark the second time that we see three generations of Strode women on screen together. As the final women left standing at the end of 2018’s Halloween, they’re unfortunately still battling for survival in the sequel -- but if the image that the film’s star Jamie Lee Curtis recently shared of the women is any indication, they’re ready for the fight.

Recently, the legendary actress gifted fans with an Instagram photo of herself, Judy Greer and Andi Matichak as their characters Laurie Strode, Karen and Allyson Nelson in what appears to be a moment from Halloween Kills. The image may not reveal too much about the plot, but it definitely sets a mood:

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We all knew that all three of the Strode women made it out of that burning house at the end of Halloween. The trailer has shown us that Halloween Kills will pick up in the immediate aftermath, so we can expect to see them still bloodied and weary in the aftermath of their horrific ordeal. But as we can see from Jamie Lee Curtis’ picture, they are far from defeated. The added caption, stating “STRODE STRONG,” only reinforces the idea that they are ready to face whatever horrors await them in the highly anticipated sequel.

If that’s not enough to get you excited for Halloween Kills, the early reviews for the film might be. After critics got a look at the movie during Venice Film Festival, they signaled that the film is a worthy follow-up to 2018’s reboot, which also won over fans and critics when it was released and remains a stand-out in the long-running franchise.

Part of the reason David Gordon Green’s Halloween works as well as it does is because its focuses on Laurie Strode, her family, and how they all navigated the PTSD she'd experienced since the events of the original 1978 film. Laurie, her estranged daughter and concerned granddaughter helped bring an especially humanizing element to the franchise, and seeing them emerge alive before the credits rolled was both exhilarating and empowering.

Of course there’s no way of knowing yet whether all three will make it to the third installment, Halloween Ends -- but it looks like, at the very least, Jamie Lee Curtis is rooting for them. That makes sense, as she’s been especially reflective about her character and her legacy in the Halloween series over the past few months. She’s shared a lot of updates about what it was like to return to the set and has been one of the film’s most enthusiastic promoters, sharing anecdotes from the set and other behind-the-scenes photos on social media.

We’ll learn the fate of Laurie and her loved ones when Halloween Kills is released on October 15. 2021.

Katherine Webb